Cosmic Professional Gladiator - Chapter 776: Ultimate Existence

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776 Ultimate Existence

Xu Jingming glanced upward and beheld the bustling Myriad Star City, teeming with a multitude of high-dimensional beings engaged in their daily trades.

<nulli>Myriad Star City, the thriving epicenter of commerce in the South Pavilion 3609 Dominion, plays host to over a hundred thousand high-dimensional creatures. Most numerous among them are Firstborns. Xu Jingming chuckled with a hint of self-mockery. <nulli>How foolish of me to harbor aspirations of breaking through to the half-step third realm in a discipline I struggle with, while it remains an arduous feat for the majority of high-dimensional beings. I’ve let my ambition cloud my judgment!

His precipitous growth within the Heart Realm lineage was to blame. The Abyssal Void illusory realm, the psychic weapon, and the Red Lotus Fire had all rapidly ascended to the half-step third realm, imbuing him with an inflated sense of confidence.

<nulli>Though I’ve eaten the Blood Abyss Fruit, my progress remains negligible. At this rate, even if my Blood Abyss Body were to achieve the half-step third realm, it would require countless Abyssal Eras! Xu Jingming’s mind steadied itself.

Fully aware that accumulating knowledge and power over countless Abyssal Eras was imperative for any hope, Xu Jingming resigned himself to patience.

<nulli>Henceforth, I shall focus solely on the Heart Realm lineage! The Blood Abyss Body shall serve as a means of relaxation when fatigue takes its toll. Xu Jingming resolved to minimize his investment in the Blood Abyss Body.

<nulli>First, I shall set a short-term goal. Xu Jingming surveyed the multitude of over a hundred thousand high-dimensional beings populating the city. <nulli>I shall first strive to become an invincible half-step third realm.

Undoubtedly, there existed alternative methods for resurrecting his family.

One such option was seeking assistance from other half-step third realm powerhouses, allowing his loved ones to be reborn as the spawn of these distinguished beings! However, this would render the fate of his kin entirely at the mercy of those half-step third realm powerhouses.

Furthermore, such beings frequently ventured into perilous territories, leading precarious lives and often meeting premature ends due to conflicts and other unforeseen circumstances! For instance, Valley Goldstone and Ancient Tree World Lord were considered long-lived.

Should a half-step third realm powerhouse meet their demise, so too would their spawn.

Numerous factors compelled Xu Jingming to harbor a burning desire to personally resurrect his family!

An eerie disturbance in the fabric of spacetime emerged from the unfathomable depths of the Abyss.

<nulli>Buzz! Suddenly, spacetime ripples materialized, causing a disruption that reverberated throughout the entire Abyss.

“What’s happening?”

“Where are these energy fluctuations originating from?”

With its vast array of branches and countless spatial layers, the Abyss harbored not only Abyss boundless realm their home.


In particular, the Abyss lineage boasted a significant population of third-realm entities. And now, Overlords and Abyss Sovereigns but also numerous third-realm powerhouses who called this boundless realm their home.

In particular, the Abyss lineage boasted a significant population of third-realm entities. And now, these powerful beings detected the unmistakable tremors.

“Is there truly a force capable of impacting the entire Abyss?” Towering figures swiftly traversed the distance, converging upon the epicenter of the spacetime anomalies.

<nulli>What manner of power is at play here?

Nine figures materialized, their collective gaze fixated on the expanding fluctuations in spacetime.

This enigmatic disturbance possessed a profound influence, reaching deep into the core of the Abyss before spreading its tendrils across the dominions under the Abyss’s sway!


<nulli>This power?

For instance, Lord Louye, Feather Fire Lord, and other third-realm entities whom Xu Jingming had met—they, too, sensed the seemingly feeble yet all-pervasive fluctuations, and they diligently traced their origin.

One after another, figures appeared, their expressions grave as they meticulously scrutinized the area.

“Hahaha, things are about to get lively. Third-realm entities from our parallel spacetime will likely flock here,” a cyan figure remarked with a smirk.

“The Primordial Star lineage, the Abyss lineage, the Mother Stream lineage, the Heart Realm lineage, and several amalgamated lineages. In this parallel spacetime, we have a total of 35 third-realm powerhouses, and 27 have already arrived,” Lord Louye disclosed with a grin.

The third-realm beings engaged in animated conversation while maintaining their vigilant watch over the surroundings.

While keeping watch, invisible forces had long infiltrated the region, yet it remained obstructed.

“Connoisseur has arrived.”

An elderly human made his appearance, capturing the attention of numerous third-realm beings.

“Connoisseur,” greeted the cyan figure, “the spacetime fluctuations in this vicinity possess the remarkable ability to affect every corner of our parallel spacetime. I believe only a faint residue of power left behind by an esteemed Ultimate being could be this awe-inspiring. As a follower of an Ultimate existence, do you perchance know… which Ultimate being wields this force?”

“Master of Antinight, you credit me too highly,” Connoisseur Grandpa Xu replied with a gentle smile. “While I’ve been fortunate enough to lay eyes upon the true forms of two Ultimate existences, I possess no knowledge of their true might.”

“Indeed, comprehending their strength through mere observation is a formidable task,” Feather Fire Lord concurred.

The cyan figure grinned.

A twinge of envy and jealousy coursed through him when it came to Connoisseur. After all, the four Ultimate existences reigned as the most supreme beings across infinite spacetime. Their power was unrivaled and beyond imagination, rendering them indifferent to their followers.

For many third-realm powerhouses, encountering an Ultimate existence was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

The opportunity to become a follower of an Ultimate existence was exceedingly rare. Typically, only in hundreds or even thousands of parallel spacetimes would a fortunate third-realm powerhouse be chosen by an Ultimate existence to become their follower.

The cyan figure, known as the Master of Antinight, harbored a tinge of indignation. <nulli>In terms of strength, Connoisseur is inferior to me! Isn’t it merely because he has garnered some attention in the Spacetime Arena due to his team winning a few championships? Apart from that, he remains rather unremarkable compared to other third-realm powerhouses.

<nulli>Training a team to partake in competitions is merely a pastime! The foundation of everything lies in one’s personal evolution! I stand among the strongest in this parallel spacetime, yet I’ve never crossed paths with an Ultimate existence. Master of Antinight nursed his sense of indignation.

He yearned to become a follower of an Ultimate existence. A modicum of guidance from an Ultimate existence could spare him from countless detours. A small gift bestowed by an Ultimate existence could significantly augment his strength. With the Ultimate existence’s permission, traversing different spacetimes would become effortless.

Alas, Ultimate existences cared naught for the comparative strengths among third realms.

“Surely, everyone has attempted,” Master of Antinight surveyed his surroundings. “The power of us third-realm powerhouses has been completely impeded within this enigmatic region ahead.”

“The rules laid down by the Ultimate existence are immutable,” Lord Louye affirmed. “The Ultimate existence undoubtedly possesses valid reasons for opening this enigmatic area while simultaneously barring our entry.”

The assembly of third-realm powerhouses nodded in agreement.

They dared not act rashly in the presence of vestiges left behind by an Ultimate existence. This was because the four Ultimate existences were alive, and third-realm powerhouses could only abide by the rules they had set! Any attempt to provoke them might exact the price of death.

Yes, third-realm existences could not kill one another. However, the might of an Ultimate existence could obliterate them.

Alas, many of them would never encounter an Ultimate existence throughout their entire lives. The Ultimate existences disdained bullying third-realm powerhouses.

“The enigmatic area may impede our entry, but it does not hinder the feeble,” Master of Antinight remarked with a smile, gesturing with a wave of his hand.


Over a thousand figures materialized.

“The Nightdream Army?” The other third-realm powerhouses recognized them instantly. This formidable force under the command of Master of Antinight consisted solely of invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns.

“The enigmatic area ahead is suspected to be a remnant left by an Ultimate existence. You are free to explore it,” Master of Antinight transmitted his message to each subordinate from a distance. “Any treasures you acquire are yours to keep. Should there be something that captures my interest, I shall be willing to trade with you on equal terms.”

<nulli>A site left behind by an Ultimate existence? The thousand-plus figures marveled as they beheld the area before them, pulsating with spacetime fluctuations.

<nulli>Never did I expect to stumble upon a place left behind by an Ultimate existence after being compelled to join the Nightdream Army. The powerhouses of the Nightdream Army were taken aback They possessed considerable strength, either as Abyss Sovereigns or invincible half-step third-realm 15:53

powerhouses. However, circumstances had forced their allegiance, leaving them with no choice.

yet overjoyed.

They possessed considerable strength, either as Abyss Sovereigns or invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses. However, circumstances had forced their allegiance, leaving them with no choice.

In the face of a third-realm existence, they had no option but to comply. Fortunately, their service was confined to the Abyssal Era!

<nulli>I shall give it a try. The multitude of figures employed various means, utilizing incarnations and clones, endeavoring to enter unhindered. Effortlessly, they traversed the tumultuous spacetime fluctuations and entered the enigmatic area.

“They have all entered.”

In that moment, 32 towering third-realm existences had congregated in the distance. As higher-dimensional beings, their lives surpassed those of the half-step third-realm powerhouses.

“It appears that invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses can easily gain access,” the third-realm powerhouses deduced.




Lord Louye and others seized a substantial number of invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns.

Connoisseur Grandpa Xu had also summoned his former subordinates! His team had excelled in the Spacetime Arena, and thus he commanded a group of mighty half-step third-realm invincible subordinates.

“This enigmatic area pertains to an Ultimate existence. Now that a multitude of invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns have entered, the rest of you should hasten inside,” urged Grandpa Xu.

“Yes, sir.” Over a hundred powerhouses from his elite team ventured into the enigmatic area one after another.

“What’s the rush? What has occurred?” Xu Jingming’s curiosity grew.


“I do not know either!” Thearch Dragon Island Lord shook his head. “A friend summoned me to …

In this parallel spacetime, teams of third-realm existences had been dispatched to explore the enigmatic area, but Xu Jingming remained oblivious to it all. After all, he wasn’t even an invincible half-step third realm! He lacked the qualifications to serve as an elite under a third-realm powerhouse!

On the third day following the appearance of the mysterious area—

In Feather Fire City.

Xu Jingming had left a clone behind and continued his usual routine in his residence.

“Hurry! Wu Ming, we must make our way to Feather Fire Mountain.” Thearch Dragon Island Lord arrived, knocking on Xu Jingming’s door and pulling him away.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Jingming inquired, perplexed.

“Don’t ask questions. You’ll understand once we reach Feather Fire Mountain.” Thearch Dragon Island Lord appeared extremely anxious.

Both of them were half-step third-realm powerhouses and resided in the inner city, close to Feather Fire Mountain.

“What’s the rush? What has occurred?” Xu Jingming’s curiosity grew.

“I do not know either!” Thearch Dragon Island Lord shook his head. “A friend summoned me to Feather Fire Mountain. It’s too late for second thoughts! Hence, I hurriedly brought you along.”

Realization dawned upon Xu Jingming.

The two of them swiftly arrived at Feather Fire Mountain, where a group of half-step third-realm powerhouses had already taken flight up the mountainside.

“That is—” Once Xu Jingming and Thearch Dragon Island Lord ascended the mountain, they beheld a colossal rock wall midway up its slope. Words were inscribed on the wall, transmitting the information about the mysterious area, as disseminated by Feather Fire Lord.

Feather Fire Lord believed that this opportunity ought to be made known to all half-step third-realm powerhouses!

As for weaker high-dimensional beings? Even if they were to obtain treasures, they would inevitably be seized by the half-step third-realm powerhouses.

“Deep within the profound depths of the Abyss, a bewildering expanse has manifested, potentially involving an Ultimate being. This intriguing domain is now open for exploration by all half-step third-realm powerhouses. The concealed treasures within shall be rightfully claimed by those who dare venture forth. In the event that Feather Fire Lord finds any particular item alluring, an equitable exchange shall be arranged. Should you possess the audacity to embark upon this perilous quest, we urge you to gather at Cloud Feather Hall, from whence teleportation shall convey you in close proximity to this enigmatic realm.” Xu Jingming felt a slight surprise upon reading the text and information.

<nulli>A mysterious area linked to an Ultimate being? The surrounding half-step third-realm powerhouses gazed at the rock wall, their spirits stirring.

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