Cursed Immortality - Chapter 426: Second Star Server Auction (4)

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"Star Server: Ancient Artifact Industry Auction Post NO.3 has been concluded and won by Anonymous84322 (Star ID: Great Hallberg)!

"Final Bid Amount: 500,000,000 ZC has been successfully transfer to your Zodiac Bank Account!

"(NOTE: The Amount (500,000,000 ZC) will remain locked until the item is delivered to Great Hallberg!)

"Calculating the Grace Period …"

Jacob looked at the second auction post conclusion, which was quite unexpected, especially that absurd bid.

'That bidding was out of spite or out of some hidden agenda?' Jacob thought with a hint of uncertainty.

Although that amount was extremely appreciated, but the intent behind it left Jacob somewhat uneasy. But sadly, he couldn't do anything about it, and he had many precautions in place if some untoward were to happen.

Nonetheless, Hallberg winning one of his atomic grenades left a bad taste in his mouth. But it was unavoidable as he knew the Dark City behind him was not something a single person like the Society Killer could handle, especially if they were determined.

At this moment, the Star Server Inbox popped open in front of him.

"Star Server Inbox (Star Server Owner):

"Anonymous84322 (Star ID: Great Hallberg): No time no see old friend. You're quite a hard man to get into contact with. I know you have some misgivings about me, and I don't blame you either. But ignoring benefits for measly enmity is for children, not something for people like us. Nonetheless, today, I'm not messaging you as your friend but as an emissary of the Dark City. On behalf of his lordship, Dark Marquise, I invite you to join the Dark City, and you can state your terms! No one will dare to trouble you anymore if you have His Lordship's backing!

"[Star Network Advocacy: You are not obliged to reply to this message!]"

After reading this message, Jacob couldn't help but sneer, "Measly enmity is indeed for children, but I almost lost my life because of your façade, and that's something I can't forget or forgive. You were also the one who taught me never to believe in anyone's empathy.

"Now, this Dark Marquise is also showing empathy, so how can I take it for granted and let my guard down? But I don't mind playing with you, though, since deception is part of everyone's character here…"

"Faceless Ancient (Star Server Owner): Very well, tell His Lordship to contact me from his Star ID, and I have a very compelling deal with him. I don't like to talk with jackals. Oh, and your delivery will arrive in 37 days!"

At this moment, Jacob's reply was read by all the people sitting in the grand hall, and Hallberg was literally trembling with killing intent in his eyes.

"How presumptuous!" The giant furiously yelled.

"Heh, this fellow is indeed interesting. Not only he told Dark Earl to f-off, but he also gave his lordship face." The masked woman giggled in amusement.

A tall gentleman in a mask also followed with a playful snicker, "Furthermore, don't you guys notice that Faceless Ancient seems to have some kind of grudge against Dark Earl Hallberg? No matter how ambitiously Dark Earl tries to hide it, we can all see he's trying to pacify him. But it seemed to have backfired.

"So, I wonder if Dark Earl Hallberg didn't have a close relationship with Faceless Ancient as he claimed it be, then is there any need to give me a seat in this council?"

His sharp words caused everyone's eyes to shimmer with strange glints as they looked at Hallberg, who also seemed to have realized something and instantly looked toward the Dark Marquise.

As that gentleman stated, he only managed to enter this place so quickly because of his 'connection' with Jacob and the Dark Marquise's interest in him. But he never told them what he had done, and the Dark Marquise was quite patient and never questioned him.

But now, even a fool could tell that Jacob didn't have a good impression of him and even had a mysterious enmity with him. So, if he handled Jacob, it would do more harm than good.

Furthermore, Jacob just offered an olive branch to the Dark City, and he was willing to cooperate as long as it wasn't him. This directly cut off his lifeline, and now all those unhappy members, because of his sudden rise, were showing their fangs.

Regret wasn't even come close to describing what he was feeling right now, but he knew there wasn't any point in doing so since the Dark City was an extremely disciplined place and schemes came after the organization's benefits!

At this moment, the Dark Marquise spoke impassively, "Dark Earl Gilbert indeed has a point. But there's no need to strip Dark Earl Hallberg of his position since it would be a stain to our reputation if we kick out a Dark Council Member, for it had never happened before, and it never will.

"Nevertheless, punishment is necessary for fairness, and Dark Earl Hallberg's punishment is he will tell us everything about what happened between you and Faceless Ancient, to every simple detail, under the Zodiac Oath Contract. Or you can keep your silence, but you have to repent in Dark Prison for ten years. This is my verdict; now you may choose Dark Earl Hallberg!"

The hall was silent as no one raised any objections since they all knew the Dark Marquise was not someone they could go against, and the punishment was quite fair.

Not to mention, now that Jacob has agreed to talk with Dark Marquise, the objective of Hallberg's existence has been achieved. Albeit differently, it was done, and now Hallberg just has to choose a path.

In the end, Hallberg stood up from his position somewhat shaky, but his eyes were filled with resolve, and he kneeled in front of Dark Marquise and stated, "I will repent in Dark Prison!"

This decision came as a surprise to everyone since this was akin to torturing yourself for a decade, for the dark prison was not just a ride in the park but an extremely cruel place.

Dark Marquise's eyes shimmered with great interest while looking at Hallberg, 'What have you done that you are so afraid to reveal it? Or are you afraid that you will reveal your true self in front of everyone once you speak the truth? Heh, how intriguing. I will find out from Faceless Ancient if you're reluctant to tell me…'

He spoke dismissively, "Very well, Dark Rose, initiate the punishment for Dark Earl Hallberg and send Faceless Ancient a star friend request in my stead!"

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