Earth's Greatest Magus - Chapter 1754: Dominate

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Beneath a canopy of stars, the two floated effortlessly above the vast expanse of the shimmering ocean. The gentle sound of waves crashing below contrasted starkly with the palpable tension that hung in the air.

Julian, eyes burning with determination, exclaimed, "You asked for this!" As the words left his lips, a radiant energy began to emanate from his core, engulfing his entire form. His physique shimmered in a brilliant golden hue, signifying the activation of an unprecedented power.

This was no ordinary enhancement. Every fiber of his being, from the physical to the spiritual, seemed supercharged. It wasn't merely his battle prowess; his soul force, the very essence of his magus existence, was ablaze.

Holding a magnificent blade, Julian charged forward. The sword was swang with the combined law of fire and metal. As it moved, it left a trail of fiery brilliance, cutting through the cool night air, setting the surroundings alight, and painting the horizon with brilliant streaks of orange and red. With one swift movement, the blade found its mark, seemingly cleaving Emery in two.

However, the triumphant smirk on Julian's face quickly faded. "Huh! Illusion?!" he gasped.

The figure that lay split in half wasn't Emery but a mere shadow. Emery's actual form remained untouched. Emery had no intentions of revealing his true power or location to the prying senses of the Kronoss magus, hence he still kept his protective barrier intact.

With deft maneuvers, Emery evaded Julian's every lunge and strike, all while manipulating his opponent's perception through his mental ability.

Julian, frustration evident in his voice, sneered, "Is that all you've learned over these years? Playing hide and seek?"

In response, Emery suddenly materialized right in front of Julian. The proximity was so close that Julian could see his reflection in Emery's piercing eyes. "Look closely," Emery whispered, his voice laced with a challenge.

Without warning, the fabric of the surrounding space began to contort. It was as if reality itself was bending, forming a vast dark sphere that expanded, blanketing an area several miles in every direction. From within this obsidian abyss, an ominous energy began to gather. Soon, the silhouette of a colossal entity, characterized by multiple writhing tentacles, emerged from Emery's shadow, casting an eerie luminescence in the otherwise pitch-black void.

The sight was nothing short of eldritch. Julian's voice quivered as he exclaimed,

"What... what is that creature?"

The monstrous form, its tentacles stretching and writhing, was enough to send chills down anyone's spine. Yet what left Julian truly aghast was Emery's transformation. Upon releasing his protective shield, Emery revealed his real form: a half-moon magus, his aura shimmering with a preternatural intensity. The sheer magnitude of his soul force was overwhelming, and it seemed to pulsate stronger with every passing second like a heartbeat growing ever more fervent.

Emery's voice cut through the charged atmosphere, serene amid the chaos. "This here is my new friend, unfortunately, this is the only means to fight you without being detected"

As the implication of those words sunk in, Julian's once fiery determination began to wane. The overwhelming might displayed by Emery made his previous confidence seem misplaced. With every inch Emery drew closer, an oppressive force weighed on Julian. It was a palpable reminder of the vast chasm of power between them.

Julian's thoughts involuntarily raced back to a fateful confrontation seven years prior. The recollection was vivid: a crushing defeat, his pride trampled upon, and the sting of rejection when his aid was spurned because he was deemed too weak.

This desperation feeds into his law of sovereign. This internal wellspring of power surged through him, enhancing his capabilities. Channeling two magus innate abilities simultaneously - [Armor of the Flame] and [Armor of the Metal] - he encased himself in a resplendent golden energy armor. This newfound protection bolstered his courage.

Julian swung his scorching blade with all his power, but Emery dodged his initial strike, parried the second with ease, and with breathtaking precision, seized Julian's sword-wielding arm during the third onslaught. The grip was ironclad, rendering Julian immobile.

In his frantic struggle to break free, Julian was caught off-guard by a sudden eruption of spatial magic from Emery. It was a rare spell, a spell long since being used. The potency of this magic snuffed out the flames engulfing Julian's blade and, to his horror, neutralized his entire energy armor.

[Anti - Magic]

Despair washed over Julian. The sovereign power he cherished and depended on was effortlessly neutralized. The harsh realization dawned upon him - Emery's prowess had surpassed his own, perhaps to an insurmountable degree.

In a matter of moments, the tide had turned irrevocably. Emery stood dominant.

Defeat hung heavily in the air as Julian, shoulders slumped and voice laden with resignation, conceded, "You win, you always do" " His eyes, which had once blazed with defiance, now glistened with vulnerability. "Just tell me what you want,... You want to kill me?"

As Julian's words resonated, the chaotic power of Khaos began its retreat, flowing back into Emery like a stream finding its way back to the ocean. The warped space around them started to regain its former stillness. Emery, with an almost disinterested tone, replied, "I seek the truth... What are you planning with the Kronos?"

Drawing a deep, shuddering breath, Julian's voice wavered as he responded, "I really have nothing else to hide... What I told you is the truth…"

Emery's piercing gaze bore into Julian, studying every nuance of his countenance.

"Then why are you nervous… Julian? You are hiding something from me"

Julian's face contorted with a mix of pain and guilt "I… I made a mistake… and I regret it"

Emery's keen mental faculties picked up on Julian's emotional tumult. He could almost visualize the epicenter of Julian's distress: an image of a woman, Queen Klea of Egypt. Julian's obsession with her was evident, a fact Emery had surmised over time.

It suddenly dawned on Emery that Julian's emotional entanglement with her was the very obstacle that had muddied his previous psychic probe into Roman's intentions.

Exhaling deeply, a hint of unease crept into Emery's demeanor. The mention of Klea brought forth complexities he hadn't intended to confront just yet, memories and feelings he'd rather have left untouched until he saw her.

"Where is she now?"

Caught off guard, Julian hesitated momentarily. "You haven't seen her?, She returned to the magus realm two years ago. She's been in search of you."

The weight of Juliana's words settled in the space between them, emphasizing the gravity of Emery's decision. Noticing Emery lost in contemplation, Julian ventured, "You've returned without authorization from the caretaker, haven't you? This could be troublesome, especially with that monstrous strength you have... They would make it hard for you"

Emery's eyes remained unyielding, "Let them try"

Julian's shoulders drooped, the tension in him evident. "Emery, your growth in strength is remarkable, and yet raw power isn't the solution to everything. Even if you can single-handedly break the whole Kronos faction apart, will you be able to handle the repercussions of the whole Magus alliance?"

Julian continued, "Remember, the duel mandates ten participants and you are just one. Please listen to me… trust me… let me deal with this matter"

Before Emery could respond, the atmosphere suddenly became charged with a distinct energy, signaling the approach of two powerful magus entities. The unmistakable signature belonged to the Kronos magus.

Julian's face turned towards the energy source. "You must depart..." he urged.

But Emery was already gone, leaving behind only an ephemeral echo, "Trust... earned it"

Soon after, Athena and Apollo descended from the skies, their robes billowing in the wind, with expressions of concern etched across their faces.

"Julian!" Athena's voice was sharp with urgency. "Who were you fighting with?"

Eyes betraying nothing, Julian replied, "No one, I am here alone, training by myself"

Apollo, ever the skeptic, utilized his unique ability to scan the area for any residual traces of a recent clash. To his surprise, he found none. Moreover, upon closer inspection of Julian, there were no visible signs of injury or combat.

Maintaining his poise, Julian turned to Athena, his voice steady. "Like I said, I was just training by myself, and now I am tired" With a teasing smile at Athena he added, "Should you have further queries, feel free to accompany me to my quarter."

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