Emperor's Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 5484: Buddhism To The Myriad Dao

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A total of one hundred and eighty-eight lotus petals finally unfurled, revealing Mayahana Buddha sitting inside.

“Sir.” He bowed his head and didn’t stand up.

“Six enlightenments, impressive.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“You’re too kind, Sir.” The monk bowed one more time before the lotus petals closed once more.

Li Qiye sat down in the meditative pose, closing his eyes and waiting patiently.

After a long while, another radiant figure appeared inside the temple.

“My old bones can’t greet you properly, My Lord.” The silhouette resembled a fusion between a dragon and a cat. Nonetheless, the voice was filled with Buddhist harmony. [1]

“Long time no see.” Li Qiye opened his eyes and said.

“Long indeed.” The figure said sentimentally.

“Started with Buddhism and returned to Buddhism. The Buddhist seed is back in the kingdom, all karmic ties are gone now.” Li Qiye said.

“Yes.” The figure agreed: “The world is all yours now, we shall take good care of it.”

“You sound as if I’m the one benefitting from this.” Li Qiye smiled.

“We do appreciate your protection.” The figure said.

“There’s cause and effect to everything, just remember that you do not belong to this world, it is my epoch.” Li Qiye said.

“I understand, we have no intention of disturbing or competing with others.” The figure nodded.

“Of course, I’m flexible and can turn a blind eye to certain things.” Li Qiye said.

“You wish for us to pay.” The figure understood that their karmic ties were over, it was business now.

“No free lunch for anyone, you know?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Of course, what is your demand, Sir?” The figure understood this logic.

This was his epoch and although they had no intention of conquest, they still occupied territories.

“It’s not much at all. We can settle this amicably, I just need you all to hide a seal, that’s it.” Li Qiye said. [2]

The figure fell into silence after hearing this.

“Sir, you are the primordial, our Buddhism cannot compare to you.” The figure said.

“I’m not asking for you to reach my level, only to hide something while enjoying my protection, it’s that simple.” Li Qiye said: “Is that too much to ask?”

The figure smiled wryly and said: “Is that all we will be doing, Sir?”

“If you are willing to do so, do you think your Buddhism will only encompass this small piece of land in the future?” Li Qiye asked.

“We do not dare to encroach on your world, Sir. This paradise is enough for us.” The figure said.

“What if I open it up? The implications will be far-reaching, not even the prime of your epoch had this level of influence.” Li Qiye said.

“Open it up…” The figure was stirred after hearing this.

“Permission won’t be granted, there will be a tribulation.” The figure calmed down and said.

“This is my epoch, I will allow it in the future.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You have communicated with the high heaven?” The figure realized something.

“The situation is dire, there’s not much of a choice any longer. Otherwise, I’ll go all-out and become another variable.” Li Qiye said.

The figure contemplated the matter before asking: “Sir, aren’t you pushing us to the forefront?”

“That’s the wrong way to look at it. If I were to excavate this land, why should I leave a plot to you all for nothing?” Li Qiye shook his head.

“This small plot won’t be that easy to keep.” The figure smiled wryly.

“Let’s not get greedy now, can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Li Qiye said: “You have benefited from my protection, it is time for reciprocation.”

“Will you show mercy if we do not wish to comply?” The figure asked after a brief silence.

“I’ve always been merciful but the world does not let me be myself.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What will happen then?” The figure asked with a tinge of helplessness.

“Well, I am powerless to a few things, I can’t be watching all of this vast world at once. There will be places with cracks and openings, allowing the heaven to take notice. After all, its villainous eyes are treacherous and always watching.” Li Qiye said.

“True, the world is vast indeed…” The figure understood the consequences.

“I can put in a little more effort since we know each other.” Li Qiye smiled: “You know that Buddha, right? The one with the burial ground, is that the Buddhism that you seek? If that’s the case, then I’ll do my best.”

“We don’t blame you if it comes down to that.” The figure let out a sigh. This was his world so if he were to ask for it back, it was time to return it.

“See, I’m rather reasonable for coming here first and letting all of you know to avoid any misunderstanding.” Li Qiye said.

“Thank you for that.” The figure bowed its head before talking: “Well, Sir, if we do ascend, it’s no different from asking for a calamity.”

“No, the difference is considerable. Normally, just looking up is enough for them to initiate a slaughter.” Li Qiye said.

“You have a deal already?” The figure asked, thinking that Li Qiye already had a plan in motion.

“Not yet, but it is inevitable, an opportunity unavailable to anyone else.” Li Qiye said.

“An opportunity…” The figure murmured.

“From Buddhism morphing to the myriad dao, perhaps this is the way.” Li Qiye said with a serious expression.

“Mmm…” The figure had a serious expression as well after thinking about a crucial key point.

This wasn’t only an attempt to extort them; he seemed to be guiding them as well.

“So, what is your decision?” Li Qiye shrugged and said.

“I suppose we don’t really have a say in this.” The figure smiled wryly.

“Of course you do, but just know that when the path is chosen, you will have to see it through even if it means crawling.” Li Qiye smiled.

2. The characters for hide and seal have too many meanings. 盖 lid; top; cover; canopy; to build. 章 chapter; seal; section; movement (of symphony); camphor laurel tree; lumber; surname Zhang. From the context, it should be to hide either a chapter or a seal. I just can’t tell without more context. Normally, the author uses 章 to talk about a chapter or a scroll, not a seal. But seal has a broader umbrella to it in case that it is wrong, a chapter is too specific. ☜

1. A kind reader pointed out that it first appeared in 1895