I Became a Mafia in the Academy - Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

Our club is called Familia and the vice president of our club is Jin-woo.

The reason is not that big.

If there is any danger to the club in my absence Jin-woo, who would protect the club at all costs, rather than Young-jae, who always makes rational decisions, was the right person for the job.

After all, Familia was created as an affiliate of the Corleone family, and he was the only one who knew how such a mafia organization works.

That’s why the contact information for our Familia representative was written in his defense. So it was no surprise that the student council contacted him.

“Familia chat room”

[Jin-woo: (photo)]

[Jin-woo: Look at this]

The photo he posted was a screenshot of his cell phone.

A letter with the words “Thank you for your cooperation” written on it.

In other words, there were dozens of lines saying that they were conducting an audit because there was a lot of talk about the facilities, equipment, and support of Familia from the students.

[Jin-woo: No, we haven’t even been a club for a semester yet. It’s not like we’ve done anything to deserve an audit.]

[Se-ah: Didn’t you do a lot?]

[Young-jae : Lol, even if it was me, I’d be annoyed if there was a freshman club that trampled on the seniors…]

[Jin-woo : Eh? Right.]

And it wasn’t too hard to predict why.

“It’s a warning.”

A warning about what happened at this freshman welcome.

And a warning about the determination that Choi Yeon and I had shown in the student council room.

I don’t know if they realize who they’re doing this to.

First, I send a message to Haru, the club’s treasurer, asking if she’s okay back home and attaching a picture of Jin-woo.

I received a reply a few moments later.

[Haru: Don’t worry, I’ll have the staff of the ‘International Trade Club’ organize the materials by tomorrow.]

This was very reassuring, coming from Haru, not anyone else.

Of course, if there were any suspicious behavior after submitting the materials, I would take other measures.

But first, I’ll have to calm down the chaotic chat.

[Me: There’s no need to be scared.]

[Se-ah: Of course not, it’s not like we’re committing any crimes.]

[Young-jae: Aren’t most of them bought with the president’s money anyway?]

[Me: I didn’t spend a penny of the academy’s funding.]

[Jin-woo: What, you’re just being silly. Then you can go to the academy tomorrow with a smile on your face…]

[Me: “…”]

[Jin-woo : “…”]

With that, everything would be fine as long as Haru came tomorrow with documents proving that I hadn’t used any of the grant money.

We knew that one of the most common weapons used by the student council is the ‘audit’, so it was very helpful to be prepared just in case.

They didn’t think we’d touch the money, did they?

What can they do? We didn’t spend any of the money, let alone embezzle it in the first place, so they can go suck their fingers.

I was worried that I would have a new pile of work on the weekend when I decided to take it easy, but thankfully that didn’t seem to be the case.

Of course, I feel sorry for the members of the International Trade Club who have to work on Sundays, but……probably won’t have that much work since we didn’t touch anything anyway.

I thought this was going to be the end of this debacle…….

“You’d better open the door before I force you out.”

“Come with a search warrant, not an audit warrant.”

I didn’t think this was going to be such a confrontation……?

* * *

After a class like any other we gathered in the club room and were going over the papers Haru had sent us in preparation for the upcoming audit.

It was a very thin stack of papers, maybe three sheets at most.

“Wow. There’s nothing to read since we don’t actually use the club funding. Seriously, boss, what’s the point of a student council meeting?”

Jin-woo let out a huff of laughter and shook his head, fed up with the paperwork.

“As I said in the chat, it’s more of a check and warning. The Academy’s student council is pretty authoritarian to begin with.”

And as such, the pressure on us wouldn’t be that great.

I was confident that the relationship between the student council and the Association was one of behind-the-scenes collaboration, so he wouldn’t be able to express his feelings openly.

His personality wouldn’t allow him to play dumb about it, and if he went behind my back, he’d realize that I was backed by the Hanwol group, so he wouldn’t do anything unreasonable.

“Don’t you think we should try it, just to give them a heads up?”

“Yeah, well, that’s good for us.”

Jin-woo nods as if he understands my explanation.

“So when the student council people come in, we’ll give them a little nudge, hand them some papers, and it’ll be over, so we can go about our business as usual, reviewing requests and training.”

“Well, if the boss says so, I guess. Then, I guess I shouldn’t worry about it, huh?”

Jin-woo chuckles as he stands up from his seat with a rueful expression.

“I really feel like I’m making a big deal out of this. I saw that……guy from the student council earlier and he was gathering a bunch of people, so I thought something was going to happen.”


“What did you just say?”

“Huh? I thought something was going to explode.”

“No, before that.”

“Uh…… the senior club president is gathering people?”

“Yeah, that. How many people were there?”

“I don’t know, but I think there were more than 10 seniors.”

Seo Yeon-soo is organizing people? More than ten people?

Normally, two or three people would come and do a simple inspection, but I couldn’t figure out why she was gathering that many people.

Why on earth would they do that?

“Alert, alert, emergency!”

Se-ah, who had been outside for a while, screamed in an urgent voice and rushed inside.

“It seems that the person I met during the all-out war, the head of a certain club of the student council, is heading this way with a bunch of people!”

“He’s coming this way?”

“Yes! I mean, is this supposed to be an audit or something? That doesn’t sound like what I’ve been told…….”

It was clear that something was going on.

“Jin-woo, why don’t you follow me on the freight elevator upstairs. If they try to come in, I want you to stop them.”

“What? Now?”


Quickly fixing the tie on my Academy uniform, I headed out of the storeroom and could hear several footsteps in the distance coming toward them.

“Things are getting interesting, aren’t they……Jin-woo.”

“Yep. Boss.”

“Whatever happens, don’t let them in.”

“Huh? It’s not like we have anything to hide or anything, right?”

He seems to think that since our club hasn’t done anything wrong, we should go out with dignity.

“No, this is ego territory in the first place. If they come in, we’re going to lose, so stop them, okay?”

“I can’t stand ego battles, but…… I’ll stop them any way I can.”

To my relief, Jin-woo smiled and loosened his knuckles.

“Here we go.”

In the distance, I see a group of men rushing toward us, led by a woman with tired eyes.

The red armbands on their arms and the sign of the Seoul Hero Academy painted on them.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I realized that the armband officially identified them as the Student Council of Seoul Hero Academy.

“You came here with a plan?”

With her hands in her pockets, Seo-yeon, the head of the clubs, silently made eye contact with me.

When she finally closed the distance between us to an arm’s length, the man next to her took a step forward and unfolded the paper in his hand.

“This is the student council’s club audit team. We’ve received reports from other students that the club ‘Familia’ has been making money through fraudulent means and using it to invest in club facilities.”

They’re spouting bullshit as if they’re some kind of justice.

“This is a legitimate enforcement of the rights of the Academy’s student government, and you are hereby forewarned that any interference will result in unreasonable disciplinary action under the school code. I’m sure you’ve received the warning I sent you earlier.”

With that, he tucked the paper back into his pocket and spoke with a backward glance as if he were anything.

“I’d like to ask you to get out of the way and open the door for me, though.”


I slowly walk toward him.

“Bo, boss? Don’t kill him!”

Even if I had become Untouchable, I wasn’t stupid enough to commit murder at the Academy since it would destroy everything I worked so hard to build.


“Stay out of my way.”

I shove the guy in front of me aside and turn to Seo-yeon, who is watching me silently.

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, Seo-yeon, the head of the Student Council’s clubs.”

“Yeah. It’s been a long time.”

“Is this an order from the student council president?”

No, he’s the only one who would do something like this.

The problem is, the guy I know wouldn’t do something like this without some sort of incident.

There had to be something going on.

“If you’re done saying hello, will you please move out of the way, I’d like to get this over with and get back to work.”

Shaking her head in annoyance, Seo-yeon yawned and tried to walk past me. I moved to the side to block her movement.

“……What are they trying to do?”

“Even if you’re from the student council, you can’t go into the club without permission.”

“Didn’t you hear? I told you that we have a formal audit warrant. Do you even realize that if you block the door like this, you’ll be subject to force? You’d better open the door before I do.”

“You think you can scare me into moving out of the way, I’m pretty familiar with Academy rules.”

No, I know them better than you, who’ve only been here a few years.

I pulled out my phone, opened the page with the Academy’s rules, and thrust the screen at Seo-yeon.

“See? Academy rules. Article 2, section 1, regarding the rights of the student council and the right to audit clubs.”

What it said wasn’t hard to understand.

“The Student Council may conduct audits of the Academy’s clubs, and clubs that are the subject of an audit are obligated to submit materials. However, if a club fails to provide the materials for the audit, the Student Council may apply for a search warrant through the Faculty Council, and only then may it forcibly enter the club’s premises.”

In other words.

“You want to get into our clubhouse, come with a search warrant, not an audit warrant.”

This meant they couldn’t step foot in the room without a search warrant.

“Isn’t that according to school rules?”

The student council is supposed to lead by example.

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