I Became a Mafia in the Academy - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

[Hidden Achievement earned!]

[Achievement: “With Overwhelming Strength!”]

[You succeeded in surpassing the Power Machine’s score of 10,000 or more on the physical fitness test!]

[Your instructor is amazed at your strength!]

[Special rewards are awarded!]

[Your body strength increases!]

I didn’t have what you’d describe as full-body strength…….Although it was satisfying.

Instead, I felt the stares of the instructors and children around me.

I could have enjoyed this a little more.

“Thank you for your efforts, I’ll leave you to it.”

“Uh…… okay.”

I move on. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can rest.

No point in dragging my feet.

There was only one thing left, the speed test.

And the instructor in charge was…….


Ji-hyun is unleashing a barrage of unpredictable attacks in the small field and the expression on her face was somehow very pleasant.

I guess it wasn’t a bad choice, since the speed test is mainly about reflexes and evasion, but…….

“What? Why did you come here instead of doing something else?”

Ji-hyun asks with a surprised look on her face, as if she didn’t expect me to be here.

“This is the last one.”

“This is the last one? You must have gotten here really fast.”

“I’m a little tired, can I ask you to do it quickly?”

The corners of Ji-hyun’s mouth turn upward at my words.

“Quickly? Really?”


Ji-hyun snaps her fingers, forming a tiny field at my words.

“I just need you to get in there and hold on for three minutes, no, one minute.”

“You mean……1 minute?”

“Yeah. For real. If you last one minute, I’ll give you the highest score. Or do you want me to make you normal like the other kids?”

“One minute, please.”


As I step into the field created by Ji-hyun, I think back to her words.

The condition is to hold on for one minute.

Dodging or blocking was also included.

This…… would be much simpler, right?

-Come on, are you ready?

Outside the field, Ji-hyun was smiling in anticipation.

“Yep. I’m ready.”

-Good. Shall we begin?

At the same time, goosebumps began to appear on the surface of my skin, and the atmosphere around me changed.

The concentration of mana in the field had changed.

-Don’t worry too much, you won’t die.

At the same time, I take out a key in my hand from my pocket and spin it in the air as a warehouse appears in front of me with a golden effect.

It was the [Dimensional Warehouse] from the ‘Class Ranking Battle’.


“Of course!”

Kicking the door open, I rushed inside and quickly closed it behind me, then looked at my wristwatch and started counting down the time.

59…… 58…… 57.

It was a very peaceful sight and not even a sound from outside could be heard.

The treasures and objects that filled the room seemed to calm my mind and body just by looking at them.

28…… 27…… 26.

I was rolling gold coins in the palm of my hand, killing time.

4…… 3…… 2…… 1.

It’s okay to leave, right?

With that in mind, I stepped outside and was greeted by an amazing sight.

“……She told you I wouldn’t die, didn’t she?”

The ground inside the field had been completely destroyed.

Even the exterior of the [Dimensional Warehouse], an item with the highest durability, was scratched.

The grim expressions on the faces of the children outside the field made it clear what had happened.

-You, you, you, Eugene Han!

“One minute has passed.”

-That’s cheating! You’re not supposed to use those items!

“You’re the one who told me to hold on, so I did.”

I would have been told that I could have easily passed the regular measurement. However, it was Ji-hyun who first said that she would give me a perfect score if I could hold on without any conditions.

“You’re going to give me a perfect score, right?”

I ask playfully as I walk out of the field, and she sighs.

“Ha, really. You cheating bastard. I’m a woman of my word, so get your ass somewhere else.”

And then another unexpected message pops up.

[Hidden achievement earned!]

[Earn the Achievement: “I’m a Rat, You Can’t Catch Me.”]

[You’ve succeeded in tricking your instructor in the speed test!]

[Ji-hyun is amazed by your trick]

[You receive a special reward!]

[Your visual acuity increases!]

It was a first-time achievement.

I wonder if there are some new achievements I don’t know that have been updated since I crossed over to this world? This was the moment when my speculation turned into certainty.

“You’re not going?!”

“I am. Have fun.”

I decided to leave quickly before any unnecessary sparks flew.

* * *

After school.

Today, after all classes were over, I was standing in front of class C waiting for someone.

‘Isn’t he in class A?’

‘Eugene Han right?’

‘Why is he in front of our class?’

Even though I was killing time on my phone, I kept hearing students talk about myself.

I didn’t think it was anything unpleasant, so I kept looking at my phone in silence.

“Why are you here?”

I could hear the frustration in his voice so I looked up and saw a frowning face.



Oh, right. He was in C class, too, right?

“Not that it’s any of your business.”

“That’s true, but what do you think you’re going to do to our class? As the class president, I can ask you this, right?”

He was the class president?

It shouldn’t be too hard to tell him what I was here for, since I wasn’t actually here to do anything bad or for any important reason, but…….

‘Somehow I think it would be more fun if I didn’t tell him.’

Ignoring him for now, I raised my hand toward Choi Yeon who was just coming out of the classroom.

“Over here.”

“Oh, sorry. I fell asleep.”

“You fell asleep?”

One of her cheeks was red for some reason as she slept on her side and Choi Yeon looked at me with a fierce expression.

When Jung Hoon realized that it was Choi Yeon who greeted me, he suddenly looked at me.

“Why are you with Choi Yeon…….?”

“It’s none of your business, let’s go. Choi Yeon.”


The last time I checked, Jung-hoon’s expression was somewhere between bewilderment and incredulity.

He must be going crazy wondering why Choi Yeon is going with me.

Choi Yeon, who has been keeping her distance from him, is walking side by side with me.

Is that why? I felt a strange sense of relief in my heart.

I felt like I was about to say, “Woohyo!” without realizing it.

I’m walking down the hallway, barely swallowing the laughter that keeps trying to escape.

Choi Yeon looked at me with her eyes still wide awake.

“……You seem to be in a good mood today.”


“Yeah. Your eyebrows are a little looser than yesterday.”

Eyebrows? I didn’t realize you could gauge mood from that.

“And you, how are you today?”

“Huh? Um……jealous.”


“Someone stole first place in the power measurement test.”

“That must suck.”


That was the answer, but Choi Yeon’s expression was still unreadable.

I looked at her eyebrows, wondering if I could tell by looking at them, but I couldn’t see how they were different than usual.

It’s still hard to read her expression.

“Oh, thanks for picking me up today.”

“Huh? I was afraid you’d get lost again if I asked you to come by yourself.”

“Yeah. I would probably……wander all over the place.”

She was one of CS’s signature stray characters.

That’s why I asked her to come with me before going to the clubhouse, just in case, and it turned out to be a good decision.

“Like I said, if you get lost in the halls, you can take the elevator this way. Your student ID is registered to the elevator.”

“Yeah. Surely it’s just to the right of the clubhouse, right?”


“Oh, behind. Yeah. I remembered.”

……Why am I feeling uneasy?

With that, I stamped my student ID on the elevator, and it started heading down.

When the elevator arrived at the basement with a goo-goo-goo sound, the doors opened and I saw the kids who were already in the room.

“Is the president here?”

Young-jae was sweeping the floor.

“Ms. Choi, come here!”

Se-ah looked up from her computer work and waved in this direction.

“……giggle. Yep. I’m hooked~”

Jin-woo, who is also pulling aggro from the community.

Finally, Choi Yeon joins in, and the whole club gathers.

“I thought about it yesterday, but……is really big.”

“It’s one of the biggest clubs in terms of size, so how about I tell you about the facilities?”

Choi Yeon nodded at my question but her gaze was already elsewhere.

Is that……the training room?

“You want to see the training room?”


I guess she’s a training fanatic after all, because the first thing she saw was the training room filled with various equipment.

As I walked into the gym with her, a cold breeze from the air conditioner I had turned on beforehand swept across my body.

“This is the club training room. It’s filled with the ‘Another String’ used by the top guilds, and there’s a board next to it where you can change things like weight and resistance. Want to give it a try?”

This time she nods, and without another word, she sits down on the machine in a sloppy fashion.

“Hold it there, right there. That’s it. Put your back to it and lift it.”


There’s curiosity in her eyes, as if this is her first time using a device like this.

Certainly, given the training methods of her family, training with a device like this would be newspeak.

The ones I’ve seen in games are the same old stuff: meditating under waterfalls, cutting rocks, and climbing up and down cliffs.

It was like a breath of fresh air for Choi Yeon who had never done this before.

Steeped in the ways of the old world, I said, “Look, this is a newspaper.”

“You can use this to set the weight, so let’s set the weight first.”

Se-ah lifted like 150 kilograms, so I’m like, “Can you do 200 kilograms?”

I slowly increase the weight and she goes, “Oh. Oh.”

“This is cool.”

I finally set the weight at 200 kilograms and told her to hold the handle.

“I want you to pretend you’re slowly extending your arm upward.”

At my words, Choi Yeon slowly raised her arm upward.

It started to sound very easy, as if the 200kg weight was no big deal.

“Does it get heavier?”

“By how much?”

“Twice as much as this.”


Four hundred kilograms it’s definitely a weight for the physically fit.

“Will you be okay?”


I ask her again, and then increase the weight in small increments to reach 400 kilograms.

Then Choi Yeon stretches her arms once more.

Slowly, but with more effort than before, she raises her arm upwards and does so eight times before slowly releasing it.


She shakes her head at my question.



“Muscles taste good.”


……At any rate, it seemed the gym had gained one more regular member.

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