I Became The Academy’s Blind Swordsman - Chapter 169: Amon Troubles

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Chapter 169: Amon Troubles

After a series of twists and turns, the meeting with Bernice comes to a close, and while I didn’t get everything out in the open, I still felt a sense of closure.

Anyway, I think Bernice must have liked Sierra’s stern demeanor.

There was a lot of information, so she didn’t ask me many questions, but I think she was worried about me.

‘Don’t try to take it all on yourself.’

She whispered that to me.

Well, it wasn’t that I wanted to carry it all alone.

It’s just that it’s me or nothing so I had to move forward.

After talking with Bernice and returning to the ballroom, we were able to talk a bit about the demons, and that’s where I got some unexpected information.

It turns out that a case similar to the one I’d already cleared, that of the theater actor Oswald…Krektar, had recently occurred.

However, this time, the demon was a Black Horn.

It was a female demon that had been tortured with lightning magic.

The demon’s body was a work of art, its entire body nailed to the wall by sharp objects such as nails.

The Silver Winged Knights were too busy with Zagoras case to see the scene, but the report of the Alliance said so.

For whatever reason, the scene was too horrific to write about.

In any case, the Order Leader, Ines, asked me if I had anything to do with the horns that were left behind, similar to the one in Krektar.

A black-horned demon and signs of electrical torture.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t a lot of evidence, but it was clear who had done it.

Bernice was present, so I settled for a rather vague nod.

It’s not official, but there’s no reason for me to do such a thing as a Knight, so they didn’t probe further.

It was a question that Inés had asked out of curiosity, so I let it slide.

I was even more convinced when I realized that there was a male corpse at the scene, one that bore suspicious, tortured marks.

Aizel must have killed Echis.

It was a fierce idea, but I doubted it would have worked on Echis, who was a bitch.

It would have been a more humiliating way for her to die. The irony is that I don’t have time to let her enjoy it.

In any case, Echis’ death was a useful piece of information for me.

Finding Echis, who wandered from place to place, was no easy task… and it was not without its challenges. I’d almost wasted a step.

That only left Albed and Murka.

With the death of Zagoras, who shouldn’t have had to die in the first place, there would be a reaction from everyone involved.

For now, Aizel alone hadn’t shown up at the Academy since news of the disbandment of the Golden Lion Knights had reached her ears.

The same could be said for the demons.

I’m sure they’ve realized the deaths of their allies and won’t stand idly by any longer.

In a way, it was Albed’s presence, not Murka’s that mattered most.

Albed, the man behind Aizel’s experiments in the first place, is more of a scientist, a researcher, than any of the other combative demons.

He was also the one who made it possible for Aizel to be tracked.

It’s believed that Aizel’s blood samples from her research were used to create a tracking device.

In other words, if we get rid of Albed, the demons won’t be able to track Aizel.

But that’s easier said than done.

Of all the demons chasing Aizel, only Albed has been able to locate her.

Call him cunning or call him prepared.

It was impossible to find his lair before the raid.

My understanding of the game was that it was systematically blocked.

But it doesn’t make much difference now that I’m faced with the question of whether there was a game or not.

There are still no hints or information, so I had to accept their ‘pursuit’ as I thought it would be insane to try and find a single demon hiding in an unknown lair on this vast continent.

In any case, the final battle is not far off.

In fact, I thought that with Echis dead, I wouldn’t have to use the Tear of the Dead, but Murka isn’t such an easy opponent.

I wonder if he’ll make bold decisions now that he’s lost his power.

In fact, I remember in the game, when Murka lost his allies, he became even stronger, as if they were trying to balance things out.

As a result, some players tried to clear the game without touching any of his companions.

This is because Murka’s mysterious buff, which gets stronger the more allies he loses, is so vicious.

If you don’t feel confident enough to block all of them at once, you’ll have to sacrifice Aizel’s chances of survival, but it’s a trade-off.

Well, I had to rule out that route once I took out Krektar.

In any case, Murka is unlikely to be put off by the repeated deaths of his companions, and I’m sure Albed would have created a tracker by this point…

I had my own expectations of how the story would play out.

At the very least, I don’t expect Murka to suddenly appear with ‘wings’.

So what am I doing now?

Before I had to rescue Aizel, I was catching up on some work I’d been putting off.

With Zagoras death, I’ve been on a bit of a tight schedule, so I’ve had to put the Kingdom of Terracia on the back burner, and I’ve been working on the lighter stuff that’s left.

[He’s on the move.]

Sierra, who was spying with me, whispered.

My eyes follow her voice, and I see a large, familiar man.

‘Not a very good choice…’

It was Amon Caligus.

For your information, this is a city near the Academy but cadets don’t have to leave the academy for most things.

Amon didn’t leave the academy just to eat.

Dressed to the nines in robes, Amon slips into a dingy alleyway with a stealthy gait that belies his size.

Beside him is a nameless male cadet who used to be one of Amon’s gang.

Probably some kind of asshole 1 or something.

It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with them, so why did this suddenly happen?

For me, it’s a small matter, but for Amon, it could be a matter of life and death.

Amon is at a crossroads.

Actually, I’d say he’s already been corrupted by the time he stepped into that alleyway…

It was just a question.

I wondered why Amon, who was more sincere than expected, didn’t bully the weak, and didn’t hang out with the bullies, would suddenly make such a choice.

Well, maybe I was paying less attention…

Still, I asked him to come to me in the desert if he was worried about anything, so I was kind of relieved.

[Is he in danger?]

Sierra, who had been questioning me for spying on Amon out of the blue, asked.

“I don’t know if I’d say so…Anyway, the point is, there’s a demon at the end of that alleyway.”

[A demon…? Does that mean we have to save him?]

“…I suppose we should.”

At first Amon Caligus was a bit of a jerk, but as we bumped into each other, I kind of got to know him.

So even if he chose to go astray of his own volition, I can’t condone it.

As for why he didn’t come to me for counseling…

Let’s hear it later.


Amon had been wondering lately.

Why isn’t Caligus the strongest?

When he entered the academy, he thought he was an exceptional talent and would easily bring honor to his family.

However, upon entering the academy, he met two unexpected powerhouses, Aizel and Zetto.

Amon realizes that the world is a big place but he recognizes it and accepts it.

No, he couldn’t help but accept it.

It’s not that he didn’t feel inferior but the barrier was too high to overcome.

They were only first-year cadets, but they already possessed a power far beyond that of a cadet and accolades were pouring in around them.

He pondered this deeply, trying to keep up with them, for he could see that the other heirs of the Four Elemental Houses were also cowering before them.

That’s where the weirdness is.

Indeed, the heirs of the Four Elemental Houses were quite accomplished for first-year cadets, but Aizel and Zetto were the odd ones.

It wasn’t until recently that his thoughts changed.

‘What, did you just see that fire magic?’

‘When did she get so strong…?’

‘Dude, it’s House Clementine.’


Yuri Clementine had gotten stronger.

With the orb, Yuri’s flame magic was incomparably stronger than before.

I see.

I can become stronger with martial arts.

It’s not exactly cowardly… The stronger the martial arts in the first place, the better you can handle them.

Amon recognized Yuri’s ability to handle an orb of such immense power.

He had to let it go.

Barely able to accept it, Amon’s next challenge was to face Kaen.

He knew something about Kaen.

She’d faced Zetto before and been decapitated within seconds.

Amon had recognized her performance in their joint battle but Amon, the heir to the Caligus family with a formidable defense, hadn’t thought about losing to a swordsman who wasn’t Zetto.

‘I told you, I’m from Class C. You’ll have to show me what Class A is made of.’

‘I’ll give you a run for your money.’

And so the duel began.

Amon had to admit it was strange.

It was nothing fancy, just basic swordsmanship.

The problem was that the fundamentals were so solid that he couldn’t see any weaknesses.

‘Cadet Amon, you’re as solid as I expected. I guess I should say you’re a Caligus…’

Amon was defeated but the laid-back praise of the victor fell on deaf ears.

It was true.

He felt the wall.

‘Why… Why…’

Amon was deep in thought.

Why can’t Caligus be the strongest?

As it is, he is reduced to a ‘burden’ that can’t protect anyone.

The strength of House Caligus is the defense of the weak.

That’s what Amon had been told as a child by his father.

His father’s upbringing had been quite perverse but it was different now.

Amon had undergone his own inner growth, and he fully understood what his father was saying.

But that made it all the more troubling.

With this kind of power, who could he protect?

If anything, he would be the weak one being protected.

As Amon pounded the ground in frustration, the thought struck him.

In truth, there was nothing to be impatient about.

He just happened to be surrounded by ‘monsters’ he hadn’t thought of, such as the granddaughter of the Sword Saint, a regressor, and a wizard with dragon powers.

Not to mention Zetto, the Irregular of Irregulars.

But Amon’s inability to recognize this only made him feel like he was falling behind.

Something needs to change.

It can’t be this way.

Amon was contemplating going to see Zetto when he realized this.

“What are you…Trix, if you’re going to talk trash, get lost. It’s a distraction.

It was Trix, the one he had once known.

“Amon Caligus… Don’t you want to be stronger than you are now…?

Trix, who had a sinister grin on her face, didn’t flinch at his presence.

Normally, the words would have fallen on deaf ears since Trix words were weaker than his own but it piqued Amon’s interest to make a change.

Amon followed Trix into the dark alley.

“So if I meet him, I can become stronger?”

Amon said, looking around at the darkness of the alleyway.

Even he felt compelled to see what it was but Trix hadn’t told him about it, saying it would do no good for anyone to know.

The alleyways that led out of the academy had a distinctly ‘underworld’ feel to them.

From the alleyways, he could hear the occasional giggle and sinister laughter.

Feeling uncomfortable, Amon thought about turning back, but he knew he had to see what was going on, so he followed Trix.

“Over here.”

Soon, Trix approached a house in an alleyway and knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal a scantily clad woman.

What the hell is she wearing…?’

Amon thought he’d walked into a brothel.

“‘Ms. Knalusha, I’ve brought him here. Hehe…”

“My darling, Trix… I’m sorry.”

Trix and Knalusha exchanged warm words.

She was barely old enough to be treated as a woman.

Amon clicks his tongue at the thought, but Knalusha smiles and shakes his hand.

“You must be Amon Caligus, of the House of the Four Elements.”

“Well, yes, but…”

Amon declined the handshake, but Knalusha didn’t seem to mind.

“Come inside.”

As Amon was led into the house, he couldn’t help but notice something strange.

‘…This aura.’

For a moment, Amon’s expression hardened, but he didn’t speak up because he was curious as to why Trix was hovering over her.

After entering the house, Amon followed Knalusha and saw that the house had a fairly large basement.

‘The aura is getting stronger, and so is the smell…’

Amon’s suspicions turned to conviction as he descended into the strange cellar.

Once they were fully in the basement, Amon was ushered in and sat down on the couch, but it was Knalusha who spoke first.

“I have heard the tale. That the heir to Caligus is seeking greater power…”

“I see, but… I wonder how?”

“Hmph… I hope I’m not cutting to the chase too quickly, but since you’ve taken the trouble to come here, I’d like to quench your thirst first…”

Knalusha, who was leaning forward to emphasize her breasts, poured herself a mysterious drink.

Amon nudged Trix beside him but he was already drooling, his gaze completely fixed on Knalusha chest, and he looked like he was already losing his mind.

“…Never mind the drink.”

Amon said in a cocky tone, knocking the drink away from Knalusha.

Trix was furious and shouted at Amon.

“Amon, are you out of your mind, how dare you refuse Knalusha kindness?!”

“It’s okay Trix.”

Knalusha chuckles lazily as she sits back down.

Amon glanced back and forth between Trix, whose eyes were red and angry, and Knalusha, whose jaw was clenched.

Then Amon asked.

“…Are you deceiving me with your lowly body?”

“What do you mean?”

“I just don’t get it, no matter how much I think about it.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about.”

“…That an academy cadet has fallen to a demon.”

Amon took off his cumbersome robes and tossed them on the couch, then turned to Knalusha, who was fidgeting.

“Knalusha is a demon…!? What nonsense, Amon!”

Trix glared but looking at him, Amon said, “How did that happen…”

Amon clicked his tongue and ignored him.

“Aha, I’ve already been caught, you have a good sense.”

“How can I not notice when you’re reeking of magick like that?”

Amon had dealt with demons before in Edward hallucinations and could recognize them.

Then Knalusha laughed out loud, and with a purring sound, she revealed a horn on her forehead.

‘A black horn…’

Amon had seen it coming, but she was a formidable foe to face alone. However it was too late to run away.

No, ‘run’ was not a word in Caligus’ dictionary.

“So? You don’t want to get stronger? I heard from Trix that you recently lost a duel to a swordsman Class C cadet…. Perhaps House Caligus’ prestige has hit rock bottom.”

Knalusha, with her horns bared, spoke leisurely.

“You’re not wrong. I lost to the swordsman, the Caligus…”

“So why don’t you take the power, heir to the Four Elements? I’m sure we can give you better treatment than the bum next door.”

“What do you mean Knalusha…? Are you more of a demon than that…?”


Knalusha very lightly dismissed Trix’s stupid question and turned to Amon.

“If you are Amon, who has accepted magick, then you should be able to take my body as well.”

Sitting on the table, Knalusha gestured seductively and her hand gently stroked Amon’s cheek.


Amon, who was wearing a nonchalant expression, slapped her hand away.


Knalusha smiles cheekily.

Shaking his head, Amon stood up and pointed to the wall of the cellar.

A clump of dirt bursts through the wall toward his mana-fueled hand and clings to his arm.

Amon, who had just completed the Earth Gauntlet, cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry…Women stronger than me are not my cup of tea…”

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