I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 224: Ep. 224 Identity

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Ep. 224 Identity

In the world of superhero comics, there are countless villains, each with their unique abilities and charm. These villains often showcase their individual appeal while challenging the protagonist. Among them, the villains with captivating abilities and personalities tend to be popular among readers.

However, now that I’ve fallen into this superhero comic world, what’s important about these villains is not their powers. What truly matters is their character. Whether they were once good and fell from grace due to certain circumstances, or if they were inherently evil to begin with. That’s what’s important. If a villain was once good, removing the catalyst for their fall would be sufficient. However, as there are more villains who were inherently evil, it’s best to just nurture Stardus to defeat them then send them to prison.

And most importantly, the wicked ones.

Those with overwhelmingly powerful abilities or those who have killed dozens or even hundreds of people. Dealing with such individuals is a necessity before any further sacrifices are made, before Stardus cannot save them, and before she feels guilty for failing to do so.

However, among these villains, there are those whose identities I already know, thanks to the original story, while there are others whose identities remain completely unknown. Especially the ones who suddenly appeared after the Moonlight Gate incident, the comic didn’t provide any description of their identities. This means that I have to find them with the minimum information available within this world. In reality, with the population of South Korea, this would seem like an impossible task. But with the combined power of Lee Seola, who controls South Korea’s authority and personal information, and the genius hacker Seo-eun, nothing is impossible.

And so, one morning, Seo-eun found yet another person from the list I gave her.

“Da-in, I found one more person on the list you gave me. I think it’s this man.”

“Really? Let me see.”

It was a day like any other when I was working on the sofa. Seo-eun approached me with her laptop and showed me a picture of the man in question.

A face that seemed to exude a strong impression, a bald man with a shaven head. Alongside his picture were details about his identity, his career, and something found at his home.

Seeing all this, I was convinced.

“It’s him.”

A villain who appeared in the original story, known as “The Scream Maker.” He would wear a backpack-like device containing a gas tank and release gas attacks through a nozzle connected by a cord. If it follows the original story, he probably appeared during the chaos after the Moonlight Gate incident, just like other villains.


The Moonlight Gate incident unleashed a flood of monsters across the world. Honestly, while one might hope for superheroes and villains to join forces against this common threat, it didn’t happen. Most villains took advantage of the chaos and wreaked even more havoc.

And this Scream Maker was no different. In an already chaotic world, he had the brilliant idea to invent gas that, when inhaled, would cause people to scream until they died.

His first terrorist act was incredibly sensational, releasing this gas in a crowded area. Stardus didn’t have any time to react.

Moreover, this specially crafted deadly gas could penetrate gas masks available on the market, making it a multifaceted problem. In fact, among the later villains in the original story, he might be considered weak, but the problem was that too many people died in his first attack.

In other words, getting rid of him in advance would be better for everyone.

“…Let’s get ready. We’ll have to eliminate him.”

“Da-in, will you broadcast it this time too?”

“Huh? Um… yeah. We should broadcast it this time too. I’ve been thinking of broadcasting more frequently.”

…Lately, I’ve only been turning on the broadcast when I’m with Stardus. That’s why there have been various rumors. Maybe it’s time to let people know that I’m concerned about things other than Stardus. Of course, it’s still for Stardus in the end, but anyway.

“Oh, Your fans will love it.”

Seo-eun said with a smile when I mentioned that I would be broadcasting. I chuckled and pinpointed the location of his hideout.

…Assassination might be a bit difficult as expected. Should I go in head-on? Let’s see…

After receiving information from Seo-eun, I immediately stopped what I was doing and started planning to capture the future S-rank villain, the Scream Maker. It’s essential to handle things right away to avoid falling behind schedule. Of course, Seo-eun helped me out as well.

“Seo-eun. Oh, you’re here too, Da-in. What were you guys up to?”

“Oh, Soobin. This time, I finally found out the identity of another villain, so I was researching how to catch him.”

“Oh, can I help as well?”

“I would appreciate it if you can.”

With Soobin joining us, we all gathered to discuss how to capture this villain.

“Hey, what are you all doing here together? Catching a villain? Then I’ll join too!”

Choi Sehee chimed in. Before we knew it, the living room had become quite lively.


…Of course, even Seo Ja-young, who lay on the living room floor while screaming, was with us. I just let her be since she wasn’t causing any trouble…

So, the grand plan to capture the villain started in the living room. Thanks to Seo-eun quickly obtaining the layout of his house, we had some productive conversations.

“Phew… Let’s take a break.”

“Yeah. Ugh, I’m dying…”

“This should be enough for now, Da-in.”

“Rest, everyone. I’ll prepare some fruit.”

With the plan roughly in place, the rest of us were all exhausted. Well, this should be sufficient.

“Da-in, I have a headache… Ouch.”

Seo-eun climbed onto the seat next to me and complained while I leaned on the sofa. I grabbed her head and gently massaged her.

“Feeling better?”


Egostic’s technique, scalp massage. Ever since I did it once before, Seo-eun seemed to enjoy it, and she wiggled happily as I continued. Choi Sehee had already gone to harass Seo Ja-young, who was lying down.

So, in the living room bathed in warm sunlight, I sat on the sofa, massaging Seo-eun’s neck and shoulders, and indulged in random thoughts.

…Every time things are peaceful like this, I wonder how much more peaceful it can get. It’s a world where there’s no answer, considering the Moonlight Gate and what will happen after that.

Yeah… Somehow, it’ll all work out. Let’s think positively. Enjoy the moment.

“Hehe… That’s enough. Da-in, next time, I’ll give you a massage! Try lying down on the sofa.”

After stretching, I was forcibly moved under the sofa by Seo-eun, who said she’d return the favor. She’s quite something. She’s grown up.

All right, should I turn on the TV and watch something?

That’s how I turned on the news. I should enjoy this peace for a while.

Yeah, until now, I thought things would continue to be peaceful.


“…What’s this?”

Suddenly, the news that was playing on TV went blank.


On the black screen, people wearing white masks suddenly appeared.

With heavily distorted voices, they began speaking before the noise subsided.

[We are ~buzz~ an organization called Shine Tear, dedicated to pursuing knowledge.]

[We are broadcasting to the entire nation for one reason.]

[Because we have uncovered the true identity of the villain who is turning South Korea upside down, Egostic.]



On the streets of Seoul.

A bustling place with massive billboards where people were moving about busily.

However, as time passed, pedestrians came to a halt, gazing up at the billboards.

The reason being that in a location where an ordinary video should have played, there was a man wearing a peculiar white mask against a black background, his voice full of static.

[We are ~buzz~ an organization called Shine Tear, dedicated to pursuing knowledge.]

[We are broadcasting to the entire nation for one reason.]

[Because we have uncovered the true identity of the villain who is turning South Korea upside down, Egostic.]

And at the moment when those words resonated through the streets via nearby speakers,

Everyone’s attention was focused.

…They’ve discovered the identity of Egostic?

Through TV, smartphones, billboards.

A sudden infiltration, delivering a broadcast to the entire nation.

In this situation, with the attention of the entire population focused, the distorted voice continued to speak.

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