I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 225: Ep.225 Confusing Heart

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Ep.225 Confusing Heart

The Hero Association.

The auxiliary research facility located in its underground section.

In this place where a significant portion of the tools and weapons used by the association are manufactured, Stardus was receiving guidance from one of the researchers.

In this bustling place where various people were clad in lab coats, the person in charge of the lab guided Stardus and explained.

“Yes, that’s correct. This time, we’ve received a lot of support from Yuseong Enterprise, so we’re working together with them. Over here…”

Guiding him along the way, the person continued to speak. He eventually got to the main point, the topic Stardus had inquired about.

“Do you remember the underground facility of HanEun Group that Stardus visited last time? It’s the place where a monster named Behemoth was created. I heard that you were there with Egostic…”


“Yes, there were many other monsters there as well, so it took quite some time for the cleanup team to eliminate them all. Nevertheless, we managed to recover everything.”

“Oh, so this is…”

“Yes, it’s the containment room where Stardus was trapped due to the ability suppression. This was made by dismantling the wall used for that purpose.”

He said this as he pointed to a white room isolated in one corner of the research facility. However, he added a caveat.

“Creating this material in mass production seems to be quite difficult. It appears that the material itself is somehow tied to some sort of ability, and honestly, we haven’t been able to grasp the underlying principles. From what we’ve observed in the experiment results, it seems that when this material seals off a space flawlessly, from floor to ceiling and walls, no type of ability can be used within it.”


“For now, in my opinion, if abilities come from the outside, it seems to function by completely severing the connection with the outside. We’re still researching it.”

“…I see.”

Stardus simply responded. Following the guidance of the employee, she explored other equipment and returned to his current location.

Now, in her office, Stardus sighed while examining various documents.

“It’s not that simple.”

She had hoped for something like handcuffs that would suppress the opponent’s abilities the moment they were put on, but it seemed impossible.

She felt disappointed with that thought.

“If only we had things like that, we could easily detain many.”

Speaking of him…

As she pondered this, she involuntarily thought of his face. The face with a mask covering half of it, the smile he always directed towards her.


As she thought of him, Stardus shook her head suddenly and slapped her cheeks. For some reason, her cheeks had turned red when she recalled his face. Perhaps, it had gotten hotter in her office.

“Yeah, I need to think of a way to detain them quickly.”

Muttering to herself, she began researching new methods. After all, this was her fault for treating the arch-enemy like that. Yes, other than this method of capture, there was no other choice.

Using the remaining time, she delved into researching different ways to capture her arch-enemy, just as she always did.

While the TV played muted news on one side, suddenly, it went blank. There was nothing but noise.


Watching this, Stardus thought quietly. Did the TV break down?

Then, a thought crossed her mind. No, could it be a villain’s transmission interference? And if it were, there was only one villain who could do that. Could it be Egostic?

In that moment, filled with anticipation, she felt a great disappointment as she watched the screen and listened to the unfamiliar man with a white mask.

[We are ~buzz~ an organization called Shine Tear, dedicated to pursuing knowledge.]

“What is this?”

It wasn’t Egostic, but rather, others pretending to be Egostic. It was confusing and pointless.

Unconsciously licking her lips, she began to prepare herself. She didn’t know who they were, but they were clearly villains, so if they threatened terror, she needed to be ready to rush out.

“Stardus! A villainous group is broadcasting across the country!”

“Yes, I am watching it right now.”

She calmly replied to the Association employee who rushed in. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. It was probably just another threat of terror.

Yeah, she thought that was the only possibility, but then, as the next words were spoken, she froze.

[We are broadcasting to the entire nation for one reason.]

[Because we have uncovered the true identity of the villain who is turning South Korea upside down, Egostic.]


What did they just say there?

She had been casually opening the closet door to get her prepared items when her body suddenly stopped.

Just now…

What did the villain say?

Her brain finally processed the words, and she quickly turned her head towards the TV.

Whether she liked it or not, the character on the TV screen continued to speak.

[…Finding this information was not easy. Egostic. He was extremely cautious and secretive in his activities, leaving no evidence.]

“Wait, wait… What are they saying over there?”

She mumbled in confusion.

They mentioned something about knowing Egostic’s identity?

How could this be?

…He doesn’t seem to know about it yet?

[However, we have finally managed to trace his footsteps through years of investigation, and we have successfully uncovered his identity. His identity, his name, everything.]

[And we want to share this information with everyone. Right now.]

Stardus, who had been listening up to that point, froze in place. At the same time, time seemed to slow down, and her thoughts began to whirl like a storm in her head.

They were going to reveal Egostic’s identity? His true self?


‘What do you mean, no?’

Another thought crept into her mind.

‘Egostic is an evil villain, right? Knowing his identity and capturing him would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Besides, when you think about it, the identities of most S-rank or higher villains are usually exposed. What’s the problem?’

That’s right. What’s the problem?


There is no problem, to be honest.

In fact, when you think about it, there is no problem at all. It’s actually a rare opportunity to capture the leader of the most dangerous villain causing chaos in the country.


In that moment, she felt as if her breath had been cut off.

…His identity would be exposed to everyone, not just to her.

Could he…

‘No way.’

It couldn’t be. Egostic would undoubtedly suffer. He had his own life, his own everyday existence, and his own moments when he wasn’t acting as Egostic.

When that was exposed to everyone…

What would he think, what actions would he take?


During that brief moment,

She involuntarily imagined his distorted expression filled with anguish.

Not the smile he always showed her, but a different side of him.


She had always wanted to uncover Egostic’s true identity, always, she had wanted to know. Last time, she had even mistaken and pressured an innocent person, believing them to be Egostic.


However, she…

She didn’t want to know his true identity in this way.

“Cut off the communication right now! Why are we just letting a villain doing a broadcast?”

“…We’re doing our best too! But, as you know, this is…”

Stardus’s accusations and the hurried responses from the staff below, and amidst all this,

Already, on the screen, the man’s mouth was opening.

[Egostic, his true identity is…]



Despite her silent outcry,


In front of the entire nation,

Egostic’s identity was exposed.


[His true identity is none other than this man, Kim Cheol-woo!]

At the same time, a frontal photograph, address, occupation, and other details appeared on the screen.

“Heeeoooook…!”* *T/N: Gasping sound

When a nearby staff member saw the revealed identity of Egostic, they gasped in shock.

Stardus, frozen in place, watched all of this.


Unconsciously, she tilted her head.

…That man, Egostic?


‘…It doesn’t look like him at all, does it?’

The innocent-looking man’s face confidently displayed on the screen. While watching that figure, Stardus couldn’t help but have an instinctual feeling.

Because she had always watched him closely, had conversations with him face to face. At a glance, she realized something.

It seemed like that man wasn’t Egostic.

…However, of course, that was just her thought.

After the villainous organization’s broadcast ended,

South Korea was turned upside down.

Real-time trends:

#1 [Kim Cheol-woo]

#2 [Egostic]

#3 [Egostic Kim Cheol-woo]

#4 [Kim Cheol-woo personal information]

#5 [Kim Cheol-woo Ego Stream]

#6 [Kim Cheol-woo real-time broadcast]

#7 [Mango Stick fan cafe]





An apartment in Gyeonggi Province.

Slightly away from the major city, in a quiet and modest suburban apartment complex.

Due to the huge crowd gathered there, it was bustling like a war zone.

Journalists and ordinary citizens alike swarmed the area, leaving no space to even step foot.

“Mr. Kim Cheol-woo!!! Please say a few words!!!!”

“Considering that your identity as Egostic has just been revealed, what are your thoughts?”

“Egostic! Egostic! Egostic! Egostic! Egostic!”

“Cheol-woo, please come out and say something!”

“Ahh, I love Egostic!!!!!!”

“Mr. Kim Cheol-woo!! Do you admit the allegations that you are Egostic?”

Amidst the cacophony of voices blending together like a concert, while the police struggled to control the crowd,

The front of the apartment complex was in turmoil, as if a bomb were about to explode.

Inside, while the commotion outside reached a fever pitch, Kim Cheol-woo locked the front door and listened to the pounding on the door.

Wrapped in his blanket, he trembled and muttered

“W-Why is this happening to me…”

Is it because he tried to get by without studying and not putting effort in his grades? Or maybe because he accidentally dropped a piece of bread yesterday?

In the midst of the biggest crisis of his 25-year-old life, Kim Cheol-woo whimpered.

“I-I’m not Egostic…”

Of course, no one heard his words.

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