I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 227: Ep.227 Another Self

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Ep.227 Another Self

[Hey Dusties, is it true that Egostic is really Kim Cheol-woo???]

Is that true???

I find it hard to believe.


[If you check other communities besides our Stardus fan cafe, there are rumors about Kim Cheol-woo being Egostic circulating around, haha. Like, Egostic is never seen when the villain is causing terror, and their heights are similar, that kind of thing.]

ㄴ[Seriously, it’s too coincidental, haha.]

ㄴ[Hmm, maybe he’s not, so it’s better to stay neutral, right…?]

[I checked the Egostic fan cafe to see what’s going on, and it’s in chaos, haha.]

[But if Egostic’s identity is revealed like this, it won’t be good for Stardus, right…? I’m worried. Among our Stardus fans, the only one who takes care of our stardust this much is Mango Stick…]

ㄴ[Seriously, Egostic is like a honorary hero…]

[No way, haha. Egostic really appeared on the broadcast, haha.]


ㄴ[Was it fake news then, haha?]

ㄴ[I knew this would happen (actually, I didn’t know), hahahahaha.]

ㄴ[Where? Can you share the link?]

ㄴ[Just turn on terrestrial TV news. It’ll come out right away, hahaha.]


In the sky above, where people had gathered to see Egostic in person, it was a moment when everyone rushed to Kim Cheol-woo’s house upon hearing the announcement that Egostic’s real name was Kim Cheol-woo.

“Haha, everyone. We came looking for a new Egostic who just appeared. Is this him?”

Something unimaginable happened at that moment, a situation that no one could have foreseen. Right in front of the man suspected to be Egostic, Kim Cheol-woo, the real Egostic appeared.


I just came here myself.

I turned on the broadcast.


[Egostic’s live broadcast is ON, hahahahaha.]

[I stan CheolwooStick from now, hahahahahaha.]

[Whoa, how can Egostic and Kim Cheol-woo be in the same place? Did Mango finally master cloning jutsu? Haha.]

[Kim Cheol-woo! is NOT! Egostic!]

[Egostic suddenly accused of something random, and MangoStick immediately comes to the rescue. Truly an S-class hero who even cares for a wrongly accused, sob.]

[So that villain organization completely messed up, huh? What evidence do they have for this? They’re idiots, haha.]

[Egostic could debunk their claims just by turning on a broadcast, haha.]

[Anyway, this is a chance for Egostic to turn on the broadcast and make Mango Stick fans go wild, haha. I’ll be the first one… haha.]

‘I never thought that I would go through something like this in life…’

In the sky above, where countless cameras were capturing me,

Wearing a mask and hat, I sighed quietly while swaying my cape in secret.

No, I’ve seen heroes’ identities exposed, but I’ve never seen villains’ identities exposed, let alone wrongly accused like this.

As a result, I found myself standing above the people once again.

“Is it really Egostic?”

Various noises could be heard from below. Some ran away upon seeing me, while others enthusiastically took photos, and I couldn’t help but sigh inwardly at their reckless behavior. How could they be so fearless? In situations like this, it would be tempting to bring a few guns and start shooting, but today, I only intended to speak my mind and then leave.

Yes, the reason I came here today was to address just two things.

The man named Kim Cheol-woo had no connection to me and to issue a warning to the organization that spread fake news, Shine Tear or something.

But before that, I needed to prepare for Stardus.

I shook the man named Kim Cheol-woo in my hand, who had been lifted up by telekinesis, and spoke to him.

“All right! Today, I’m here to set up an interview. If anyone approaches, you guys might startle me and I could drop this person, so please stay away.”

“Oh, god! Please save me!”

I shook Kim Cheol-woo, who was already suffering enough today, once again. I’m sorry, Cheol-woo. I’ll definitely make it up to you.

So, with another traditional hostage play where we didn’t even make eye contact, I had prevented Stardus from approaching in advance. I quickly teleported Kim Cheol-woo, whom I had kidnapped, and addressed him.

“Anyway, Mr. Kim, nice to meet you. You were called out as Egostic on the TV today, is that true?”

“Eeek… Yes?”

Floating in the air, looking down in terror, he turned his head in disbelief upon hearing my words.

He seemed to regain his consciousness to some extent and looked at me as if he were the most unfairly treated person in the world.

“No…! What are you talking about? When you, Egostic yourself, are right in front of me…!”

“Huh? I’m just a person cosplaying as Egostic. Aren’t you Egostic?”


“Of course, I’m just kidding.”

“…Haa, thank you.”

He seemed exhausted, running his hand through his hair.



[Leave our Cheol-woo alone! Hahahahaha]

[CheolwooStick! Stop pretending not to be Egostic!]

[Cheolwoo, I’m sorry but I just burst into laughter whenever I see your face now. Hahahahaha.]


All right, with this conversation, people should roughly understand that Kim Cheol-woo and Egostic are completely two different people.

After relieving the unfair suffering of the civilian who had been accused of being an A-class villain overnight, I continued with the prepared words from above, where countless cameras were still recording me.

“Well, I was also quite surprised. I mean, my identity was supposed to be untouchable, but suddenly it was exposed, and Mr. Kim’s face appeared. I initially thought it was something Mr. Kim had planned.”

“Huh? No way!”

Kim Cheol-woo was startled. I reassured him by raising my hand.

“Yes, yes. After meeting you in person, I’m sure you didn’t do this to yourself.”

“…Thank you.”

Kim Cheol-woo replied weakly from the air.

[Cheolwoo seems like he’s lost his soul right now. Hahahaha]

[He went from being known nationwide as Mango Stick to now having an interview with Mango Stick in the sky. Won’t his mental state collapse? Hahaha, it’s not even like a light novel plot. hahaha]

[???: Woke up in the morning and found out I was an A-class villain ~Regarding the fact that I could never be Egostic. Impossible!~ (※ But it wasn’t impossible?!)

[It’s impossible, you crazy bastard. Hahahaha]

[But still, Cheolwoo Stick, you’ve gained a lifetime supply of anju*, right? Isn’t that good? hahaha] *T/N: Side snacks people usually eat when they drink alcohol in Korea.

[Hahahahahahaha, this situation itself is just too funny. Hahaha]

All right, that should be enough. I finally placed my hand on Kim Cheol-woo’s seemingly lifeless shouldersand shouted,

“Don’t worry, Mr. Kim. I’ll take care of your revenge.”


“I’ll find that strange villain organization that targeted you and beat them up. How does that sound?”

Kim Cheol-woo suddenly regained his spirit at my words, and he clenched his fist into the air, shouting.

“Yeah, those bastards…! Oh, I’m on air. Uh, yes, please, I’ll leave those guys to you.”

“Don’t worry about that. And by the way, there are hundreds of thousands of live viewers right now. Do you have any final words?”


He weakly laughed, looking at the camera with vacant eyes before saying

“I’m working at ‘Cheolwoo’s Bakery’ near Gyeongido, so I’d appreciate your interest… Please come and buy some bread. Thank you.”

“Yes! We heard you.”



[Cheolwoo Stick’s subtle ad, hahaha]

[Oh, I live nearby, from now, I’ll only buy bread from Cheolwoo’s Bakery, hahahaha]

[Cheolwoo Stick, seriously, now that you think about it, his mental fortitude is amazing hahaha. He answered all those questions while suspended in mid-air meters away with Egostic, and now he’s even doing advertising hahaha]

[Kim Cheol-woo’s successful strategy of turning a crisis into an opportunity hahaha]

[The broadcast today is so hilarious, hahaha. Thank you, those knowledge villains, for making such a great show~]

[I guess there will be lines forming at Cheolwoo’s Bakery soon hahaha]


I had said nearly everything I needed to. I started preparing to leave. While we were up in the sky, people were still taking pictures and shouting slogans of unidentified origin.

Yeah, it’s time to go… If I stay longer, Stardus might show up. All right, I need to say this before leaving.

I turned my head to face the camera, smiled, and said.

“I came here after hearing about another Egostic, but it seems like there was a misunderstanding. So, you guys from the organization called Shine Tear that spread fake news and made me move for no reason can anticipate me. Well then, Mr. Kim, we should say our goodbyes for now.”

“…Yes. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

After smiling at him, I swiftly controlled my teleportation to bring Kim Cheol-woo back to the ground. Then, I looked at the camera and said

“That’s it for today’s broadcast. Thank you!”

I ended the broadcast with that and immediately teleported away. The broadcast was only 10 minutes long. Phew, that was a quick one. All right, that’s decent for a hit. And…

‘I somehow managed to avoid eye contact with Stardus!’

Yeah. I silently praised myself.

…It was more like a clarification broadcast than an actual terrorist act, but getting involved with Stardus would complicate unnecessary things. It was better to keep it short and end it there. Besides, after the last incident, I still couldn’t gain the courage to face Stardus directly. What if she calls me a jerk again? Stardus probably appreciates my absence and the lack of trouble I cause.

“Da-in, over here!”


I got into the car Soobin had prepared for me with those thoughts in mind.

…I guess I handled today’s situation perfectly.


After Egostic kidnapped Kim Cheol-woo and conducted a forced interview.

In the midst of the excitement and heat between the people who were still worked up over what had just happened.


Stardus stood alone on the upper floor corridor of the apartment, displaying a cold demeanor.

‘…Our eyes never met after all.’


What’s going on?

Does he really have no interest in me anymore?

She thought their eyes would meet at least once.

Just once.

But he didn’t even glance back at her.

As if he had no interest at all.

“….Haha. Hahaha.”

And so, Stardus.

Stood alone in the corridor, laughing emptily for a while.

Continuously, for a while.

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