I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 228: Ep. 228 Destruction

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Ep. 228 Destruction

“Damn it! Damn it!!!”

A hidden base located somewhere underground where light couldn’t reach.

The headquarters of the organization that pursued knowledge, ‘Shine Tear.’

Chaos reigned there at the moment.

“Fuck! They said the information was accurate! They said it was Kim Cheol-woo! But he wasn’t him! What are we going to do now?”

“B-Boss! What should we do? Egostic has declared war on us! You know how terrifying that guy is!”

“No way! We’re all going to die like this!”

After they confidently declared Egostic’s true identity as Kim Cheol-woo in a broadcast, he appeared immediately to refute their claims, and with his warning, the Shine Tear organization was on the brink of collapse.

“What the hell happened…”

And the leader of the organization, the boss of Shine Tear.

He was currently clutching his head in agony in front of a table.

“That bitch was sure it was accurate information, wasn’t she? Try contacting her!”

“B-Boss! She’s not answering our calls. It seems like she cut ties with us and escaped!”

At the subordinate’s trembling words, he grabbed his head.

‘…She always gave us 100% accurate information to the point where I trusted her. Fuckl. Of all times, she had to release false information!’

He regretted believing her words, but now it was too late to resent her. Honestly, he had believed Kim Cheol-woo was Egostic with full confidence after cross-verification.

“Damn it! So Kim Cheol-woo disappearing during Egostic’s attacks and rarely being seen was all a coincidence?”

…Perhaps, he had acted too hastily in presenting the information organization Shine Tear, which had always been underground, to the world. Should he have investigated more thoroughly? Regrets were useless at this point.

“Boss! What should we do now?”

With his subordinates anxiously asking, he let out a sigh and, after much deliberation, he regained his composure and spoke.

“…Don’t panic. Anyway, that Egostic bastard doesn’t know our location. It’ll take him ages to figure it out. So…”

“B-Boss! Something big happened! Down there, down there!”

“What the… fuck is this?”

And just when he was trying hard to control the people at the scene.


In real-time.

Suddenly, an ominous glowing violet magic circle appeared on the floor on one side of the underground.

Seeing the faintly glowing magic circle being drawn alone in the dark underground room, he instinctively realized.

He was screwed.

“…Everybody, fire!!!!!!”

Like that.

With his scream and shouts, everyone nearby pulled out their guns and sprayed bullets toward the floor with the magic circle.


Countless bullets poured toward the floor.

However, despite the gunfire, the magic circle was already complete.

When the lines of the circle finally connected.


On top of the magic circle, pink smoke was generated.

And then, suddenly, the forms of three figures appeared.

“Sehee, Ja-young. We’re all here.”

A girl with black hair, dressed in a shaman’s outfit, knelt on the floor with the magic circle. Behind her, stood two other figures.

“Yeah… this is the place where they spread fake news about our Egostic, right?”

The orange-haired girl stared ahead with a fierce gaze with sparks emanating from her body.

“Haa… yeah. Let’s deal with them quickly and leave.”

The girl with purple hair, looking sleepy as she yawned with her hands in her hoodie.

The man who had suddenly teleported them to the underground room looked at the two newcomers and spoke in a fit.

“Shoot! Shoot them!!!”


Ting. Ting-ting-ting-ting-ting.

Numerous bullets rained down on them like a storm of lead, but they simply blocked them with a pink shield.

“So… should we start now?”

“Yeah. Hey, want to make a bet on who can handle more?”

“Sure. I’m going to win anyway.”

Choi Sae-hee and Seo Ja-young bantered back and forth as they casually walked toward the hail of bullets.

One of them, sparks flying from her hands, conjured countless yellow lightning bolts in the darkness. The other, quietly igniting violet flames in the air.

“Uh… Uwaaaaaah!!!”

Protected by the Moonlight Maiden’s shield, they slowly advanced through the hail of bullets, causing those who had been shooting to eventually turn and flee.

“Where are they?”

In the dark underground room, an intense crimson glow flashed, and Electra disappeared in an instant, as if struck by lightning.


Lightning struck the underground, and violet flames blazed. Thus, the collapse of Shine Tear began.


“Uh, this side is all taken care of. We’ve knocked them all out. What do we do now?”

“Oh, I’ll write a separate announcement to the Association, so just leave them as they are. Is everyone okay?”

“Ha, they weren’t even at the level that could hurt us. We handled it cleanly, so don’t worry.”

“All right, thank you, guys. Come back safely.”

After ending the call with Choi Sehee, I heaved a sigh of relief.

All right. We’ve crushed those attention seekers who thought they were able to exposed Egostic’s real identity. As soon as those bastards hijacking the radio waves, Seo-eun immediately figured out their headquarters. They tried to manipulate their way around it, thinking they could never be discovered, but all of that was useless to Seo-eun.

We were able to quickly grasp their forces with the support from Lee Seola. As a result, Shine Tear was already beaten up by the time I met Kim Cheol-woo and returned. This should serve as a warning to other villains. They should know what happens if they mess with me.

“Haa… Can we consider this fuss to be mostly resolved now?”

In the car on the way home, I muttered to myself, and upon hearing my words, Seo-eun tapped her laptop and replied.

“Yes. Well… we managed to resolve everything in just one day. We didn’t get involved with Stardus and simply dismantled the villain organization, so I’d say we smoothly passed this crisis, right?”

“Yeah… Haa. It feels like I’m experiencing everything in my life.”

I replied as I leaned back in my seat. Let’s go home and rest. Take a deep rest…



[Unlucky Egostic… Current status of Kim Cheol-woo’s bakery…jpg]

(Picture of people lining up in front of the bakery)

Their business is doing really well. Cheol-woo, you should be happy from now~~~~


[Hahaha, it’s a happy ending!]

[We almost got exposed and were about to be taken to the association’s detention facility that day, but it worked out well, haha.]

ㄴ[Honestly, if Egostic hadn’t shown up that day, we would have been in big trouble, haha.]

[What’s even funnier is that they’re selling baguettes with mango inside and calling it Mango Stick hahaha They’re even a limited edition hahahahaha.]


ㄴ[Oh, of course, they can’t resist a free collaboration opportunity~]

ㄴ[Cheol-woo really stirs things up when he comes in hahaha.]


Several days after the Kim Cheol-woo incident.

The once buzzing excitement quickly died down. Most people regarded it as a mere incident. However, everyone couldn’t help but be amazed by the power of Ego Stream, who swiftly located and dealt with the villain organization Shine Tear, which had attempted to leak his identity.

[Hilarious) Stardus was at the scene of the Kim Cheol-woo incident hahahahaha.]


If you watch closely around 50 seconds in, Egostic suddenly said he would drop Kim Cheol-woo, probably because he sensed Stardus’s presence, right? So, Stardus just stood there without moving, didn’t even make eye contact, and simply left hahahah.

Stardus got wrecked hahahahahah. It’s a proof that Egostic has no interest in Stardus, right?


[Kid, please delete the post^^]

[Hehe… Mango Stream fans keep poking fun at Stardus. Is this the weight of being a true hero?]

[But, seriously, I don’t get it hahaha. I thought Mango Stick would at least pretend to notice Stardus and say a few words, but he didn’t say a word to the end hahaha.]

ㄴ[Did they have a fight?]

ㄴ[Did they really fight when there were no cameras? Could’ve been a marital dispute hahahaha]

ㄴ[Crazy bitches hahaha. They’re both heroes and villains anyway. Fighting should be normal for them hahahaha.]

ㄴ[There’s no barrier in love!]

[…Haa. This makes me angry again.]

[I’ve heard about this on other fan forums, hahaha. People were saying that Stardus had a mental breakdown.]

ㄴ[They’re talking about it there too?]

ㄴ[Those forums are filled with Stardus fans, so they just analyzed the psychology among themselves and concluded that Stardus likes Egostic, hahaha. The cafe manager takes down all those kinds of posts immediately, so it’s not noticeable.]

ㄴ[Wow, so it was all nonsense from Mango Stream fans, hahaha. I should’ve known.]

ㄴ[No, the conclusion is fucking hilarious, hahaha.]

[If Stardus is disappointed, it’s a bummer, hahaha.]


…Of course, there were people continuously making absurd claims.

“Why, Seo-eun. What are you reading?”

At home.

I asked Seo-eun what she was reading after seeing her read my fan cafe on a large tablet next to me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How they were desperately trying to create drama out of nothing, all because I didn’t make eye contact with Stardus. Seeing my bewildered expression, Seo-eun, with an innocent look on her face, asked,

“Why? Is there something strange?”

“It’s nonsense from the beginning.”

I cut to the chase and said. It would make no sense for Stardus to be disappointed. Instead, she would probably be pleased that I didn’t cause an accident.

When I explained this, Seo-eun brightened up and said with a smile,

“Then just ignore Stardus whenever you guys meet from now on!”

“…No, that’s a bit…”

That’s exaggerating.

After all, I’m doing all of this for Stardus. There’s no way she’d feel that way.

‘…Maybe after retirement.’

That’s all I thought.

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