I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 229: Ep. 299 – Anxious Hunch

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Ep. 299 – Anxious Hunch


After the Shine Tear incident, I spent time tracking down and dismantling those responsible for the event and then scouring their information. They were like an information guild in the world of games, so it seemed they had a lot of data.

Of course, most of the information wasn’t particularly relevant to us, so I handed it all over to Lee Seola. However, there were still a few intriguing information.

“What are you doing, Da-in?”

“Huh? Just reading through some of this stuff.”

I either saved or noted down a few things. While the evidence was still lacking, there were some interesting stories. There was a good chance some of it was fake information, though.

Of course, this was coming to an end soon as well.

“Let’s call it a day for today, Seo-eun. We can wrap up the rest tomorrow. I think we’ve covered everything we need to.”

“Haaaam*. All right, then.” *T/N: Yawning

With most of the analysis done, I put the visibly tired Seo-eun to bed and made my own preparations.

…The sudden activities of these individuals had created a lot of work, but it had been an educational experience. It had been a while since I’d encountered a villain group that wasn’t even mentioned in the original story.

Of course, the villainous groups not mentioned in the original comic aren’t particularly threatening. They’re just a bunch of amateurs, as they say. It seems like these guys fell for false information.

Anyway, that wasn’t the problem. I had a different issue.


It all started on the day I intentionally avoided making eye contact with Stardus. Since that day, I’ve been feeling increasingly uneasy. It’s as if something is warning me that I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. But what could be so wrong? Villains can avoid eye contact with heroes.


“Hmm, maybe I should think about it the other way around.”

I was causing a ruckus, almost like a terrorist, and then I met Stardus. But Stardus intentionally ignored me. Instead of growling at me as he usually does, saying “Egostic…!” and all, he completely avoided eye contact and ignored me. It’s as if he treats me like a non-threat, someone unimportant.


…Wait a minute, it almost feels like I’ve done something wrong.

So, in the quiet of the late night, after turning off the lights and lying in bed before sleep, I wandered around my thoughts alone. Of course, I know I’m having strange thoughts. In the first place, it’s not common to be so concerned just because a villain ignored a hero.

However, upon further reflection, the relationship between Stardus and me is somewhat unique compared to others. Aren’t we each other’s arch-nemeses, not just typical hero-villain foes?

…Back then, should I have said something to Stardus, even if it was just pretending?

“…..Ugh, why am I worrying about this again?”

With those deep thoughts in mind, I just shook my head and tried to dispel them. I was overthinking it. Stardus probably didn’t care about something like that at all. He likely thought, “Oh, he came and quietly disappeared~” and that was it.

Yeah, I should get some sleep.

With that thought in mind, I drifted off to sleep.

That night, I had a nightmare.


“….Da-in, are you okay?”

“Yeah? Oh, Eun-wol. Uh, I’m okay. Just didn’t sleep well last night… Haa.”

The next morning, I was found half-dozing in the living room, sporting dark circles under my eyes. Eun-wol was surprised to see me in such a state and asked with a concerned tone.

“Da-in, are you okay?” I let out a bitter laugh and waved her off.

“…I’ve been having weird dreams these days. Why am I having such dreams?”

One of those dreams seemed to be about being imprisoned in a strange place, engaging in deep conversations with a yellow-haired hero, but the details were hazy. Maybe it was because I had been thinking about Stardus before going to bed the previous night, and it felt like Stardus appeared in the dream…

Anyway, being trapped was an extremely unsettling aspect of the dream. Isn’t that what all villains fear the most? Getting caught and imprisoned by a hero?

“Da-in, please have this warm drink in the morning and take a rest.”

As I lay sprawled on the couch, Eun-wol held one of my hands and pressed a pressure point while murmuring that she wanted to relieve my tension. Meanwhile, Soobin, who was already aware of my condition, brought a warm drink in a teacup.

“Oh, thank you.”

Soobin brought me the warm tea so I started to feel a bit more composed. The slightly clear, light green tea seemed to invigorate me as I sipped it. I didn’t know exactly what kind of tea it was.

With those thoughts in mind, I naturally turned on the TV in the living room.

Upon switching it on, the screen showed the program that had been on when I turned it off the previous day.

[Villainous Egostic strikes again! Trying to frame another innocent civilian, Mr. Kim…]

Today, the channel was still airing the satisfaction-inducing program that relentlessly criticized Egostic, broadcasting it around the clock. However, as soon as I saw it, I noticed Eun-wol’s mood deteriorating in real-time. To avoid any further distress, I quickly changed the channel.

As a result, I stumbled upon a news-like program that I often watched. It featured Stardus, who hadn’t been seen for a while, making an appearance again. It showed Stardus, who had supposedly defeated another villain yesterday.

The program displayed Stardus’s image as he walked away emotionlessly after dealing with a villain. The host praised Stardus’s exceptional skills.

Listening to the host explain Stardus’s greatness, I couldn’t help but feel delighted. Yes, our Stardus was indeed remarkable.

However, just before the news ended, the host added something ominous.

[Moreover, recently Stardus’s expression seems somewhat emotionless. Of course, she’s usually expressionless, but it seems she has become even more formidable lately. Could something be bothering her? Anyway, villains facing her should prepare themselves to face her wrath.]


…Haha. It seems like my Haru have been quite gloomy lately, huh? I hadn’t checked the Stardus fan cafe recently, so I didn’t know. Hmm.

…Well, it could be possible. After all, she’s human too. In life, you have your ups and downs. It can happen to anyone, regardless of their relationship with me.



I should come up with a plan or something to get rid of this uneasy feeling. Something to make this anxious premonition go away.

As I was grappling with my increasingly unsettling and unfounded anxiety, Soobin, who had returned, spoke with a worried voice.

“Da-in, are you still tired?”

“Haha, I’ll be fine soon. Don’t worry. I was just a bit agitated last night because of some intense dreams.”

“…Still. If it’s because you’re uncomfortable sleeping here, you can come to my room and sleep. The bed is quite spacious.”

Soobin offered with a kind smile. She’s too nice. Of course, I can’t inconvenience her.

I just laughed and told her I understood. I also silently appreciated that our conversation went unnoticed by Seo Ja-young or Choi Sehee. If they heard it, they would definitely misunderstand.

By the way, why hasn’t Eun-wol come to wake me up yet? Is she using the high schooler’s trick?

“Just five more minutes”?

While I was pondering that thought, Eun-wol came holding hands with Seoeun.


Eun-wol was yawning just like me. It seems she’s a bit sluggish in the mornings, probably because she’s not used to getting up early. But ever since she got close to Eun-wol, she’s been waking up a bit earlier.

“Umm… Da-in.”

She came over to the couch, sat next to me, and naturally leaned her head on my shoulder, starting to doze off. I’ll just let her be for now; it’ll get too noisy in a few minutes, and I’m pretty tired myself.

It seems Eun-wol is a bit weak in the mornings, but she’s been waking up a bit earlier thanks to Eun-wol. She’s probably drowsy now due to the morning.

“Hmm… Da-in.”

She sat next to me on the couch and rested her head on my shoulder, starting to drift off. Well, she’ll wake up on her own in a few minutes when it gets too loud. I’m tired too.

Anyway, starting today, I need to finish reading the remaining information and start preparing for our next operation.

Preparing to hunt the S-class villain, Scream Maker, whose capture was delayed due to the recent chaos caused by those Shine Tear guys.

… I’m going to do another broadcast again this time. I wonder if people will still like it.


Scream Maker.

A muscular skinhead villain with an oxygen tank-like apparatus on his back, connected to a hose through which he expels gas to attack. One peculiar aspect of him is that he creates a special poison gas using his abilities. Anyone who inhales even a small amount of the gas unconsciously screams and eventually dies.

This guy, who looks dangerous at first glance, was immediately classified as an S-class villain in the original work. His abilities were specialized for mass destruction, sending dozens of civilians to their deaths in a single attack.

… In other words, there’s a reason why I’m inclined to send him away first. Not only is he highly dangerous, but too many people died in his initial terrorist attack. Stardus was fine after inhaling a bit of the gas, but the others weren’t so lucky. Given that the original work is a grim one, Stardus naturally failed to apprehend him at first and suffered greatly in front of numerous civilian casualties.

… And of course, I don’t want to witness that scene.

Stardus has maintained her mental stability until now. I can’t just shatter it at this point. Plus, there were too many civilian casualties.

So, after finally gathering some information about this guy in this round, I started discussing the operation with our Ego Stream members, including Seo-eun.

Until then, everything was going smoothly. I’ve been through this kind of thing several times before. However…

“… What? You want to go alone?”

The atmosphere suddenly changed when I said I’d handle it alone. I felt it when I saw Soobin’s worried expression and heard Choi Sehee’s disbelief.

…This won’t be easy to convince them.

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