I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 231: – A Single Chance

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Chapter 231 – A Single Chance

“Haa… They say South Korea is a scientific powerhouse, and it’s true.”

A capped penthouse.

I muttered while walking through this place, where the upper and lower levels are merged into a massive laboratory.

This place is filled with all sorts of diseases, containing various drugs.

I went down slowly with a gas mask on.

Perhaps, Scream Maker is inside there. Good, the plan is perfect.

I glanced at the chat window with such thought.

I wonder what people will think when they see this.

When they realize that, at a time they didn’t know at all, villains were thoroughly preparing for terrorism somewhere, will they be scared?

[Hahaha. Egostic, as if black clothing wasn’t enough, he’s even wearing a gas mask, makes it all-black fashion.]

[Really, haha. It’s a bit different. Black Mango.]

[Like if you feel relieved as you think how he’s going to crush that laboratory, hahaha. My university lab was like that, I wish someone could just blow it up…]

… Well, as expected, everyone seems to have no special thoughts.

Yeah, it’s good that they’re happy. Positive power is the best in everything. Life becomes tiresome if you worry about nothing. Yeah…

Of course, in addition to such chats, there was a chat saying, “Where am I?” Nobody seems to guess the location. Yeah, I made sure to control the cameras well until I went inside. If I make a mistake, Stardus could come in…

Stardus can come here. She’s the only one who could be in danger.

“From what I’ve found, it seems that the villain here has the ability to create something like a toxic gas. Everyone, please prepare a gas mask at home in case you face someone who can manipulate gases.”

I laughed while pointing to my gas mask and gave a basic explanation. Actually, my gas mask was made by Seo-eun to use against the big Scream Maker, but it’s better than having none in a normal situation.

Anyway, I kept walking. I could teleport, but intentionally. So that he can realize that I’m coming.

That’s our plan.

And finally, at the very end of the penthouse, I was able to figured someone.


It was truly a strange sight.

In a place like a huge incubator, a bald man was floating in the liquid with his eyes closed.

And numerous experimental materials and hoses were entangled around him.

And the moment I stepped into that place, a voice resonated inside the room.

[The rat has finally arrived…]

An incubator made of viscous fluid.

When the bald man inside opened his mouth, his voice resonated in the room through a mechanical sound.

This villain had an impactful impression from the moment he made his first appearance, quite unlike the villains I’ve encountered so far. However, I wasn’t particularly interested in this extra who would be exiting this world as of today, so I smiled brightly and said.

“Hello! I’m Egostic. Are you the Scream Maker? I saw the challenge you sent me.”

Let me remind you, the Scream Maker never sent me any challenges. I wondered what kind of reaction the guy in front of me would have to this audacious lie.

I was curious.

[That gas mask…]

[It seems you know what I’m researching.]

He was more interested in another fact




[Why does he look so strong?]

[I thought today would be another fun villain hunt, but what is this?]

[Can Mango Stick really handle this by himself…?]


Still speaking as strange fluid flowed, he muttered.

As the air gradually grew heavier and the situation became more ominous, I said in a cheerful voice while smiling.

“Yes, of course.”

[…I see.]

Uttering just that, he raised his head. Then he raised one hand inside the incubator.

And at that moment, I continued to smile while quickly scanning my surroundings inside the gas mask.

Gray smoke slowly emerged from the open test tube, likely the infamous Scream Gas. Just inhaling it causes one to scream to death.


The reason I was extremely cautious in assassinating this guy is precisely because of this.

This gas is incredibly deadly, even with a minimal amount. In other words, if I attempted to take him down carelessly, there’s a chance that once exposed, unintended casualties could be extensive.

In other words, it’s best to eliminate this stuff in a sealed laboratory.


Four robotic arms resembling hoses are on the top right.

There’s something like an electric shock device on the left, and is that an automatic firing machine gun down there?

Perhaps he created these defensive mechanisms while he was in that test tube to protect himself. It’s a precaution against external intrusion. He’s thorough, no doubt.

Currently, the power isn’t on, but when he sends a signal, it’ll likely activate and attack me almost instantly.

This must be why he’s one of the late-game named villains and also the boss among Maker Trio. He’s thoroughgoing. I wonder why someone strong enough with toxic gas alone can also create machinery so well, which makes me want to question the original creator. I heard he was a former researcher from HanEun Group, so maybe that’s why.

Of course, I knew all of this to some extent, and so did Seo-eun.

That’s why, in front of the guy who’s setting the mood, I smiled and said.

“Well then, you should get ready to die now.”


Ignoring my words completely, he smirked and clenched his hand.

And then, simultaneously.


Suddenly, there was a sound of something exploding in the vicinity, accompanied by spreading smoke.

And then.


Everything made of machinery in the vicinity lit up and started moving towards me, emitting light, and they were closing in on me in the middle.

At the same time, I sent an immediate signal to Seo-eun.

“Oh, thank you for preparing such a great gift for me.”


Now is the time.

“Unfortunately, I have to refuse it politely.”


I said that and flicked my finger.

At the same time.


All the mechanical devices that were about to attack me shut down completely. It was a sight to behold as all the equipment came to a stop.

Of course, the toxic gas was still present, but I was wearing a gas mask, so it wasn’t a big problem.

Anyway, that wasn’t the important part.

The important part was that the huge incubator-like thing, which the bald guy was in, also stopped and began to open as it was before.

[What’s this…?]

So, safely within the armored incubator, where no one could touch him in the midst of the toxic sludge, the guy’s body was exposed.

I immediately floated the gun I had prepared with telekinesis.

“Well, Mr. Scream Maker.”

“Now it’s your turn to scream.”

[…Damn it! Aaaah!]


And so, the guy collapsed pitifully.

By the way, I didn’t even move. I just flicked the trigger of the gun floated by telekinesis.

“Yes! Your revenge for today ends here. If there are any other villains who want to meet me, please get in touch.”

I smiled behind my gas mask in the hazy place and spoke to the camera.



[100 points… 100 points….]

[???: How to catch a villain without moving a finger (Seriously, not even a finger flick)]

[Is this K-Hero? What kind of heroes have I seen so far…]

[自我棒 クールwwwww (Egostic is so cool, hahaha)]

[No way, the guy was so scary-looking, but then he went down so pathetically, haha]

[Bald gay, goodbye…]

[Now, they’ll probably analyze his body at the Association, haha]

[Wait, does this mean the broadcast ends here for today?]

“Yes! Then today’s broadcast ends here. See you next time, possibly with more excitement.”

As I was about to end the broadcast after saying that, I paused for a moment and then looked at the camera again, giving a vague smile as I continued speaking.

“Oh, and… it seems a bit dangerous here. Stardus, you should probably come alone. I’ll provide you with the location separately. Well then, I’ll really get going. Goodbye!”

I ended the broadcast just like that.


[Equipment is shut down.]


In the guy’s underground lair, I manipulated his control panel as Seo-eun had instructed, causing all of his toxic gases to be sucked back into their original containers. After all, we didn’t want Stardus to breathe them in when she arrived at the scene.

I used telekinesis to clear away the toxic sludge that had spilled out from the test tubes, and by now, quite some time had passed.

“Seriously, I managed to catch him after all…”

I muttered while looking at the spot where he had fallen. Honestly, it may have seemed like I caught him very easily, but it took dozens, if not hundreds, of simulations and research to finally catch him. He was a thorough one. I mean, there’s no one who could be immune to toxins sleeping in this toxic sludge. He’s truly insane.

These days, villains seem to be science majors, and their defense systems are quite solid. Seo-eun had a hard time hacking them, but still, we managed to block them by exploiting the vulnerability the moment their systems were activated. Without leaving a single civilian casualty, we kept things safe.

This should be enough. Certainly, he was a tough one, perhaps due to being from the later part of the original work, but the rest will be taken care of by our Ego Stream members. I had prepared to teleport in case he had any hidden defense systems or something, and I was nervous. Fortunately, there was nothing like that.

The Association will come to clean up the toxic gases he had stored. Even though the president is a bit eccentric, he’s a thorough person, so he’ll handle it well. Of course, Stardus has to finish his investigation before that. I’ve also left some post-its just in case, so there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s a bit funny, but still, it’s better than Stardus getting hurt due to a mistake.


…Speaking of which.

I need to leave a message for Stardus. It’s become my tradition, after all.


As I was about to write ‘For You Stardus’ as usual and leave, I realized that I couldn’t write it because the guy’s body was contaminated with toxins.

Maybe I should just skip it.

“……That won’t work.”

Well, for some reason, it feels like it won’t work like that.

It’s somewhat ominous.

Alright, I’ll write it on a post-it note.

With that, I took a pen I had handy and wrote on a nearby post-it note, but I realized it seemed dull with just that one thing written on it.

And then.


Some kind of intuition, I’m feeling something… Stardus had been acting strangely towards me until now, the time when we didn’t even make eye contact and the recurring dreams of being trapped somewhere.

With all these thoughts in mind, I had an intuitive sense that I needed to do something now, right here.

I needed to leave something for Stardus immediately.


Yes. After all, only Stardus will come here… And Stardus probably won’t share this content with the Association…

With these thoughts in mind, I picked up the pen and started writing more based on my intuition, as if I were writing some kind of reconciliation love letter, with a strange feeling.

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