I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With - Chapter 232: – For You

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Chapter 232 – For You

[As far as I know, the villain has the ability to generate toxic gases. Everyone, please make sure to have gas masks at home in case of abilities related to manipulating gases.]

Shin Haru’s house.

More precisely, the hero Stardus’s house.

There, she anxiously watched the Ego Stream broadcast on TV.

‘We’re doing our best right now, but we can’t find him. We’re sorry…’

The Association had already stated they couldn’t locate him a while ago.

As a result, she couldn’t do anything other than watch the Ego Stream broadcast from her house.


Watching his image on the screen with a worried expression as she tapped the table in frustration was all she could do.

The reason she felt so anxious was just one.

It was because she was worried about Ego Stream, specifically him.

“Is he going to be okay…?”

She said this with a slightly worried look. Of course, she had to admit that she felt somewhat resentful towards Ego Stream lately. She had been making plans to catch him somehow.

However, all those thoughts were temporarily pushed aside, and right now, her worry was greater.

Ego Stream, who was walking alone through that strange passage and laboratory to confront other villains, was wearing a gas mask. His appearance, which seemed unexpectedly cool despite the situation, wasn’t the problem.

Even if others didn’t know, she, who had faced him directly in battle, knew.

His usual demeanor of always being prepared and in control, along with his mighty colleagues who covered for him, made him seem invincible. Ego Stream’s pure physical power was actually very weak.

Therefore, the sight of Ego Stream walking alone through the clearly dangerous passage was enough to make her, the hero Stardus, anxious. Even though she didn’t like sticking close to him in normal times, she felt that way now… That was her concern.

In reality, if you thought about it, it might seem strange for a hero to worry so much about a villain.

‘Yeah. This isn’t strange at all…’

It was normal for a hero to worry about their assigned villain. They shouldn’t fall into someone else’s hands. They should be punished by the law.

And she herself, in a way, owed him her life. Even though she had paid that debt…

‘Cough. You owe me one.’

As she recalled that day Egostic, who was bleeding and dying in the underground lair with holes in his body, her lips twisted unknowingly in frustration. She was anxious and watched the screen with a sense of urgency, unable to do anything at the moment.

And finally, she met the self-proclaimed ‘Scream Maker’ that Ego Stream had mentioned.

[The rat has finally arrived…]

Seeing the bald villain, whose voice was mixed with a strange, purplish viscous liquid that filled the screen, Stardus’s anxiety increased even more.

…Can Ego Stream really beat that guy?

A sinister intuition that could be felt even though the enemy was on the other side of the screen.

That villain, just by looking at him, seemed formidable. The fact that such a person had been living in this country from the beginning was chilling.

It was also a mystery how Ego Stream had found this guy. But the bigger question was how he intended to confront him alone. She was more puzzled by that.

[…That gas mask.]

[It seems like you know what I’m researching.]

[Yes, wouldn’t that be obvious?]

[…I see.]

Their conversation continued in this incomprehensible manner. And then, along with Ego Stream’s final provocation.

The guy who had been in the incubator clenched his fist.


At that moment, Ego Stream’s surroundings suddenly became thick with what appeared to be dangerous gas beyond the screen. All the unidentified weapons in the room activated automatically and started targeting Ego Stream.



And at that moment, Stardus, who was watching the scene, was so startled that she involuntarily got up from her seat and shouted.

However, he is indeed Egostic after all.

[Oh my, you prepared such a gift for me. Thank you, but… unfortunately, I’ll have to refuse it politely.]


As if there were no problem at all, he said that with a smile and then flicked his finger.


And surprisingly, at that moment, all the devices in the room stopped functioning and collapsed without power.

The hatch also opened, revealing the bald villain, who had intended to say something in his panic.


The guy fell helplessly from a single shot from Egostic.

That’s how it went.

[Yes! Our revenge ends here for today.]

Only after the entire situation had concluded did Egostic smile.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Haa, seriously. Why is he making people worry like this…?”

With her body relaxed and leaning back, she mumbled to herself. It was only until today that she had been adamant about Egostic being a bad guy, declaring she would capture him no matter what.

But now, she found herself blushing slightly when she realized how worried she had been about him. She muttered,

‘Well, I may have to catch him with my own hands. He could be in big trouble if he’s caught, right?’

After rationalizing her feelings, she came to the conclusion that everything was fine. Her cheeks were still slightly red.

As she fanned her face with her hand for some inexplicable reason, her expression darkened suddenly. She thought, ‘But what’s the point of me doing this alone?’. Egostic doesn’t even seem to care about me. He’s not even looking at me. Maybe I’m the only one thinking of him as my archenemy. In reality, he’s probably not thinking about me at all.”

While she was pondering this thought, she was on the verge of digging a hole by herself. Just then, on the screen, Ego Stream seemed to recognize something and opened his mouth.

[…And it looks like this place might be dangerous… Stardus, you should probably come here alone.]


Hearing the words he uttered, Stardus unconsciously raised her head.

[I’ll provide a separate location. Well then, I’ll really get going. Goodbye!]

And his broadcast went black.

Watching the screen go dark in silence.


Stardus sat there, staring at it blankly.

Yeah…. Well, as expected, he only calls me when the job is done.

Sighing and grumbling to herself.

However, unlike the last time, the fact that he mentioned her name.

Today, Stardus seemed to be in the best mood she had been in for a while.


A few hours later, Stardus flew towards the address sent to her by an unknown caller.

It was slightly comforting that he had contacted her directly instead of going through the Association. It must be a mistake…

Nevertheless, he had specifically asked for her to come, so there had to be a reason for it.

With this trust, she headed to the location he provided.

Upon arrival, she found the penthouse in the isolated place she had seen during the broadcast. Crossing the destroyed door that Ego Stream had already burst through, she stepped inside the hidden interior.

It was then that she could finally set foot into the secret laboratory of the “Scream Maker.”


Her expression hardened as she entered the room.

The place was filled with ominous objects that looked extremely hazardous, with containers labeled in English indicating various strains of viruses and toxins.

There was a glass laboratory filled with mice, and there were splatters of blood throughout, hinting at some kind of experiment.

These items were placed in dozens, if not hundreds.

“….It’s severe.”

She mumbled unconsciously. The thought that such a villain was developing their powers away from her watchful eyes made her feel terrible.

Grasping her head, she kept moving further inside, feeling dizzy.

Deeper into the lair, where Egostic had fought the most powerful of villains.

Finally, she arrived at her destination.

As she looked around the place, it was far more ominous and filled with dangerous objects than before, and she was left speechless.

What’s wrong with South Korea? Why are there so many powerful villains in such a small country…?

Honestly, if it weren’t for Ego Stream, she would have been completely unaware of all of this, and she would have fallen victim to it…

While pondering these thoughts, she noticed something.


Next to a plain gas cylinder.

A lone yellow Post-it note stuck there.

She was so captivated by the sight that she found herself walking towards it.

Written in a hastily scribbled text, it said.

[Danger! Do not open under any circumstances. Inside contains a gas that is lethal even in small quantities. No matter how much you are Stardus, it is dangerous, so please do not drink it, and I hope you will report it to the Association for proper disposal – Egostic]


And that Post-it note.

Stardus found herself staring at it for a long time, almost unknowingly.

She gently placed it down and looked around again.

Numerous other Post-it notes were scattered everywhere.

[Shoot the machine gun from the left wall if the power is turned on. Do not touch it.]

[Turning it on will release lethal gas from the ceiling. Do not turn it on!]

[It looks like the ventilation button. Inside, there seems to be a gas mixed with toxins, so it would be better to report it to the Association for proper disposal later.]

These were Egostic’s handwritten letters, scattered around for her safety.

It was clear that he was worried that she might accidentally harm herself.

Even within the hastily written words, she could feel his deep concern.

Stardus mumbled in astonishment, feeling all the tension she had held inside her release.

“If you do this… really. Haha…”

I can’t hate you.

What kind of villain would do this?

[I’ve cleared all the toxins. Well, just to be sure, don’t touch it.]

And finally, the lifeless body of the villain at the end, as she looked at it with a disappointed smile.

Perhaps, just in case she stepped on it, a purple liquid had been placed in the broken aquarium.

She let out another helpless smile and turned off her attention to the corpse.

…I don’t know what this guy was up to.

But this one, well, he’s a goner.

And more than that.

She became interested in the last Post-it note placed next to it.

“… What’s this?”

[For you, Stardus.]

The letter began with that familiar sentence.

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