MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God - Chapter 795: Time-Skip(3) Lord Severus Saint Maximus

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( Severus, 12 years after the birth of Kremeth Jr )

A lot had changed for Severus in the past 12 years, with the first big change being that he too managed to reach the tier6 realm and become a god after a standard promotion with the queen.

The ongoing constant war against Dracula and his underlings made it so that everyone who had the fortune of being a tier5 warrior, began pushing their hardest to reach the promised realm of god's.

The difference between having a god vs having a mortal on your side was like heaven and earth and for someone like Severus who had the necessary talent but lacked the drive to improve, the circumstances pushed him to finally achieve his potential.

At year3 after Kremeth Jr's birth, Severus stepped into the realm of the god's being the first core group member to do so after Max and Sebastian.

His increased strength was a much appreciated addition for Max as he planned to assign a legion for Severus to command, however, before those plans could be fulfilled, a huge tragedy befell upon the Saint Maximus clan.

Sam Saint Maximus, the patriarch of the Saint Maximus clan and a close ally of Max, was requested to visit the front lines by Regus Aurelius to uplift troop morale using his bloodline powers, however, unfortunately during his visit to the front lines he was caught in a difficult raid by Ulrich the tier7 werewolf god.

The survivors of the raid speculate that Sam Saint Maximus could have retreated if he desired, however, as the true vampire lord that he was— he fought bravely till the bitter end and drove the werewolves away even at the cost of his own life to ensure the survival of the vampire soldiers on ground.

It was an unfortunate event that shook the Saint Maximus capital planet 'Turin' to its core as Severus was rushed to the ancestral chambers that very day and sworn in as the new patriarch as per Sam's wishes.

Severus never wanted to be Lord of Turin, Severus never wanted to be the one that all Saint Maximus looked upto, however fate had chosen him for the task.

Even within the council of elders, not many supported his position as the patriarch, however, the deceased Sam Saint Maximus seemed to have absolute faith in Severus and his instructions for succession should he pass away were clear in passing the throne to Severus.

For the next 9 years, Severus was separated from Dombivli and slowly but surely eased into his new role as the patriarch of the sweeper clan as under his dynamic leadership the Saint Maximus clan began rebranding themselves from a sweeper clan to a terrifying clan of information merchants.

Dark secrets that were collected and buried within the Saint Maximus archives for generations were ruthlessly made public by Severus as he made a lot of decisive decisions to leverage the information the Saint Maximus contained to improve their economy and reform their army.

He began charging exorbitant amounts for the upkeep of hygiene and maintenance in the various vampire cities, as those who allied to the Saint Maximus got a heavy discount, while those who did not were left out to dry.

Severus realised that ONLY the Saint Maximus knew how to maintain public sanitation and had built all the sewer networks in any major planet imaginable, which meant that no clan could make do without them.

The previous Saint Maximus patriarchs never leveraged this position because they were content with the information the Saint Maximus workers were able to collect while being on duty, but not Severus.

With his ambitious revenue plans and ruthless blackmailing, he brought Turin to new heights while expanding the royal treasury tenfold in the 9 years since becoming patriarch.

The elders that were initially on the fence regarding his promotion were either replaced or forced to submit to his methods as Severus maintained an iron grip over the clan which gave some much needed stability to the commoners in these tumultuous times.

The final and probably the biggest change that Severus went through was his marriage with Grisha Saint Maximus.

Severus, although undeniably handsome, never bothered himself with women or desires of advancing the bloodline.

He was singularly focused on creating a better and more hygienic environment wherever he was deployed and just wanted to see Max, Asiva and the other kids succeed in life.

All of this changed as he began feeling burdened with the pressure of becoming a Lord, as in those times the cheerful support of Grisha from the sidelines made him feel emotions he had never felt before.

9 years after the birth of Kremeth Jr, 6 years after he became patriarch, Severus asked for Grisha's hand in marriage to which she cheerfully agreed.

The two held a small ceremony in Turin itself, inviting only the closest friends and after 2 years of their marriage, they were blessed with a baby girl which became the newest addition to Severus's life.

With a clan and family of his own, Severus was no longer a part of the gang in its day to day operations, but the Saint Maximus clan and the Bloodfall clan still shared an extremely close bond as a result of the mutual respect that Severus and Max shared for each other.


( Present day, Severus )

As Anna and Zippo walked into the palace, they saw the Saint Maximus delegation and Severus waiting outside the conference hall, as Severus flashed a bright smile towards Anna.

" Didn't I tell you? You came at the perfect time Zippo, the great Lord Severus has graced Dombivli today with his presence-" Anna said as Zippo smiled and extended his hand for Severus to shake.

As the two men shook each other's hands firmly, both realised that the other had reached god-hood in the long absence since they last saw each other and smiled as a result.

" You look well " Severus said

" So do you " Zippo replied, as the doors of the conference room opened and the attention of the group was drawn by Asiva who was standing on the door.

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