Reborn: Space Intelligent Woman - Chapter 1676: I Am Putting Them In Their Place

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Yu Qi started to push the men. It was a strong push. The men fell on each other. They began to shout.



"Hey! Don't fall on me!

"Get up!"

"Ah, my legs!"

Yu Qi looked down at the fallen men. The man that they called the boss looked at Yu Qi with an extremely angry on his face.

The bus stopped. Yu Qi turned about and casually got out. She could hear the man shouting.

"Don't move yet. We are going to get off here too. Don't start the bus until we get off." The man said.

The bus driver only could follow his instructions because he was scared of being beaten by the group.

The man ordered his friends to get stand and get out of the bus immediately. After a while, they finally successfully got out of the bus.

The bus driver quickly drove off immediately. He did not want to get involved. And it seemed the earlier girl could handle them easily.

"Find that bitch. We need to teach her a lesson." The man said to his friends.

The group of men began to search the area for Yu Qi. They spotted Yu Qi pretty easily since Yu Qi was standing in the middle of the huge park

Yu Qi already met with Aoi and Shino. Aoi and Shino were having fun playing around.

'Master, why do I think that those men are looking for you?' Aoi asked.

Yu Qi turned around and saw the men. It was the same group that harassed her on the bus. So, they managed to get off at the same stop.

'Well, they are indeed looking for me.' Yu Qi nodded.

'I know it.' Aoi laughed.

'Why are you so happy about that?' Yu Qi lifted her eyebrow.

'We are getting bored of playing like this. We want to play with people too.' Aoi said.

'Hmm... That's right.' Shino also agreed.

Yu Qi sighed. Her cute pets began to like violence.

'But you need to use your invisible mode. Don't let them see you.' Yu Qi said.

'Sure, Master.' Aoi said.

'I will sure my speed.' Shino said.

"You little bitch. It will make sure you are under me tonight." The man said.

"Tsk... I rather die. My eyes are hurting when looking at your ugly face." Yu Qi taunted the man.

The friend of the man could not help to laugh. Well, to be honest, the man had ugly features on his face. He could not deny it.

Aoi and Shino looked at Yu Qi. Their master really liked to poke on other wounds.

"How dare you!" The man shouted angrily. "Guys, attack her."

The men rushed to attack Yu Qi. Yu Qi easily avoided their attack since they were in the spacious area.

She did not make any moves yet. Aoi and Shino started to join the fight. Shino jumped into a man's body and bit his shoulder. He quickly moved avoiding the man's eyes.

The man shouted in pain. He felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He looked at his shoulder but did not see anything. When he rolled his sleeve, he could see the bite. It was clearly an animal's bite.

Aoi also bit the other man's legs. One by one, they shouted as they were being bitten by Aoi.

Yu Qi smiled as she looked at the situation. The men became more angry so, they became more aggressive in their attack.

Seeing this, Yu Qi started to get serious. She punched and kicked the men around.

The onlookers started to gather and look at the fight.

"Hey, there is a fight over there."

"It seems they are fighting with one woman."


"But looks like the men are getting beaten by the woman."

"Yeah, the woman easily avoided the attacks from the men."

"Wow, it is incredibly awesome."

"Should we help them?"

"I don't want to get involved."

"Don't you see the man with a scar on his face?"

"Yes, why?"

"Meaning the men are from the gang around here. Eagle Wing. It is better not to mess with them if you want to live in this city."

"Oh... But should we leave the woman just like that?"

"We can call the police."

"Yes. Let's do that."

So, they called the police and informed them there was a fight at the uptown park.

The man was angry when seeing his friends getting beaten by this bitch. He also joined the fight.

"You bitch, I will teach you some lesson." The man threw a punch at Yu Qi.

"Oh, you used the same hand." Yu Qi smiled.

Yu Qi was blocking the punch and tapped his hand. The man shouted loudly. He felt the same pain on his hand but it was more intense.

"Do you like it?" Yu Qi asked.

"You! What do you do to my hand?" The man asked.

The siren of the police car could be heard. Then, a group of police officers rushed to the scene.

"What is going on here? Why are you fighting?" The police officer asked.

"They were harassing me. I am putting them in their place." Yu Qi said.

About 10 men were laying around, whining. The police officers looked so confused.

"What is this start?" The police officers asked for more details.

"They started to harass me inside the bus. I managed to get out of the bus. But they still follow me here." Yu Qi said.

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