Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son - Chapter 585: boring competition

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Tom looked at the cat in his room. "Who are you? No, what are you? Are you one of the cultists or my allies?"

"No, if you are my enemy, you wouldn't lead me to their base."

The cat meowed and ignored him as it lay on the bed.

"You are a little annoying, but thank you for helping me." Tom grabbed a fish from his inventory and gave it to the cat. The cat looked at the fish in disdain and slapped it away.

"Hey!" Tom frowned. "This damned cat is too arrogant."

The cat moved to the center of the bed and closed its eyes. Tom sighed and wanted to lay on the bed as well, but the cat hissed at him.

"This is my bed."

It hissed again.

Tom glared at the cat. "You think you owned the place now, huh?"

After a few seconds, Tom relented and slept on the floor.

The next day, Tom and his friends left the inn. The cat perched on his shoulder, grooming itself with its tongue and looked at people as if they were peasants.

"I wonder how strong the people in this competition will be," Zerdar asked. "Could they be stronger than us?"

"Maybe. But perhaps not. This is just a small competition after all."

Tom only went here because of the cultists, otherwise, he wouldn't bother with a small competition. And they weren't here to compete either, just watching. Only a few people from the university actually took the time to go here.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at the colosseum. The grand building was as amazing as the first time Tom looked at it. Xorfast City was truly an architectural wonder.

But because they were focusing on art, Tom didn't expect much from their fighter.

They entered the colosseum and got VIP seats. For them, the cost of these VIP seats were peanuts. But to most people, they were unreachable. Which was why a lot of people stared at them in envy.

"There aren't a lot of Diamond Ranks in this place," Wilma said.

Diamond Ranks were too busy improving their strength. Almost all of them were extreme workaholics, coupled with their resilient body and mind, they could work non-stop for decades if they wanted to.

Working hard did not assure them to become stronger however. Most of the time they get stuck in their study or practice and have to search for enlightenment either from a master or through experience. If they didn't do this, they would be stuck.

So sometimes Diamond Ranks spent time exploring the world.

"Oh, look, the battle is about to start." Zyta pointed.

Two tall men in thick white armor entered the arena. They both held a very long white spear encarved with magical runes.

"Hmmm, no announcer?" Tom asked.

"The people believe there is no need for an announcer here," Zerdar started. "They think that the announcer is just a distraction, and the fighters should be able to grasp the attention of the audience with their skills."

Tom activated his godly eyes and noticed the fighters were just low Diamond Rank.

'This isn't worth my time,' Tom thought.

Suddenly. Someone whispered in his ear. "Meet me at the back."

Tom turned around and saw no one there. He frowned. Was it some sort of magic? Or did someone moved too fast that he couldn't react? Either way, he had to find out who it was.

Standing up, Tom said: "You guys enjoy the show. I need to go somewhere."

"Ehhhh!! Let me come with you," Zyta said.

"You stay here. I just want to read some books about their culture."

"Those are boring." Zyta pouted.

"That's why I tell you to stay."

Sighing, Zyta replied: "don't go too long."

Tom nodded and left his seat before going to the back. There, he saw someone he didn't expect.

"Claudia. What are you doing here?"

"That's what you said after 10 years of not seeing me? I came here to get your promise."

"What promise?"

Claudia clicked her tongue. "The dual cultivation."

"The Three Great Dragon competition is still far away right? We can do it at another time."

"I am not waiting 10 years to hear that." She glared.

"Fine. But not now. I will do it after my study tour."

Claudia squinted her eyes at him. Even after ten years, she still looked at him that way. But Tom always reminded himself that she never showed any emotions to other people, so perhaps this was for the best.

"I will be waiting for you, but not for long. End your trip as soon as you can or there will be consequences." She vanished.

"Cih, ordering me around like that. Just you watch, I will dominate you someday."

Suddenly, a white robed figure appeared in front of him. Tom could see that it was a woman from two long strands of blonde hair coming out of the hood, but he could not see her face.

More disturbingly, he could not see her status.

"Son of Hujarar," she spoke.

"Do you need my help again?"

"I am afraid so."

"You all seem more powerful than me. Why do you need my help?"

"Because these people worship your father."


"The demons become weaker when they fight you as you have your father's blood. The cultists we can handle, but the demons can only be effectively killed by you. We have our ways, but since we have you now, it is in our interest to use your strength."

"You talk like I am your subordinate."

The figure approached him. "Don't let ego blind you, Son of Hujarar. We never think anyone is above us or below us."

She grabbed something within her sleeve and handed it to Tom, revealing her snow white hand. It was a compass made out of pure green jade. Tom tried to analyze it but it didn't work.

"What is this compass for?"

"The cultists are planning to kill the contestants of this competition."

"Oh, should we tell them about this?"

"No. We warned you not to spread the existence of this war."

"But the cultists are about to reveal themselves by killing these people?"

"They are not killing these people in reality. They will do it through the spirit realm."

"The spirit realm… how can I stop them? I have never been there before."

"That compass will bring you to the spirit realm. When the time comes, be prepared for battle."

Tom looked at the compass and contemplated the information. He never went to the spirit realm before. Would his power still work there? After all, even his godly eyes became no use now because a lot of figures seemed to be able to put their true form in the spirit realm.

"Why do we have to save the contestants anyway?" Tom asked but the robed figure was nowhere to be seen.

"Fuck! These girls are the same. Ordering me around and leaving so suddenly."

The cat meowed and licked its paw.

"Also, can you get off my shoulder?"


His words were ignored… as expected.


The audience cheered.

In the center of the colosseum stood two towering figures, both clad in thick, majestic white armor. The first man, named Galadron, held a grand white spear, its tip adorned with intricate runic carvings that glowed with an otherworldly power. The second man, named Aurius, wielded a massive sword of pure light, the blade radiating with a blinding brilliance that illuminated the arena.

The two combatants circled each other warily, their movements fluid and graceful. With a sudden burst of speed, Galadron charged forward, his spear gleaming in the sunlight. Aurius parried the attack effortlessly, his sword deflecting the spear with a shower of sparks.

Tom yawned while the people burst into cheers. He wiped his tears of boredom and wondered how people could watch such a boring show. The students in the University could offer a better show while sparring.

The crowd roared with excitement as the two fighters clashed again and again, their weapons ringing out in a symphony of steel. As they fought, magical energies crackled and surged around them, creating dazzling displays of light and sound.

Galadron called forth a blast of icy wind that buffeted Aurius, sending him staggering back. But Aurius quickly recovered and unleashed a torrent of searing flames that engulfed Galadron.

"Tom, who do you think will win?" Zerdar asked.

"I think that swordman named Aurius will win."

"Are you sure?"

"I am very certain."

"Wanna bet?"

"The stake?"

"If I win, you gotta help me beat up the new guy that scoop up the chicks back at the University."

And if I win?"

"I will stop inviting you to a prostitute restaurant for a year."

"Deal," Tom said. He was very annoyed by that. Zerdar could prove to be very persistent in inviting him to that kind of place.

Undaunted, Galadron chanted a spell of his own, causing the ground beneath Aurius to crack and splinter. Aurius leapt into the air, narrowly avoiding the collapsing earth.

With a final surge of strength, the two warriors charged at each other once more. Their weapons met in a shower of sparks, and for a moment it seemed as though the two combatants were evenly matched.

But then, with a mighty roar, Aurius plunged his blade into the ground. A brilliant shockwave rippled outward, shattering the earth and sending Galadron flying backwards.

As the dust settled, Aurius stood victorious, his weapon raised in triumph. The audience erupted into cheers and applause, marveling at the magical spectacle that had just unfolded before their eyes.

"Fuck!!!" Zerdar cursed. Zerdar looked at Tom who was smiling wide.

Zerdar shook his head and sat down.

Tom chuckled. "I will surely enjoy my peace this year."

Suddenly, the jade compass in his pocket shone.

"Or not."

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