Release That Witch - Chapter 1498: (END) - A Brand New Road

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Chapter 1498: A Brand New Road

“This is the first list of names of those who are participating in the shift of consciousness.” Fei Yuhan handed a report over to Roland. “Although you’ve told us that we don’t have to explain to you, Mister Rock still insists that you take a look at it.”

“Since he is so worried about it, dine then.” Roland helplessly opened the report and glanced through the list—many familiar names appeared within the report. It was no surprise that Fei Yuhan’s name was at the very top, having expressed her interests and desire to look at the other world since the very beginning, to which the new Project Gateway coincidentally aligned with her curiosity.

Following down the list were Garcia and Zero’s names.

I see… This was probably the reason why the Defender wanted him to look through the names.

“To be honest, I’m worried about this.” Fei Yuhan spoke bluntly. “You once mentioned that they were important figures capable of influencing the Dream World as well? If something happens during the transfer or if they find their past selves, will our world still be able to preserve its current state?”

“Of course.” Roland smiled. “If this happened in the past, I would not be able to assure you so, but now that the Dream World is part of the Cradle, so long as I am here, this world will continue to exist.”

Back when he narrated the history of the Selection of the Crown Prince and Hermes to the two, he had long anticipated for such a day.

Although they had regained new lives in the Realm of Mind, that did not mean they had to tight-lipped about the past.

He was curious as well, how the two would perceive the other world. But he was sure that it was impossible for them to return to their past.

“Then I will relay your message to Rock.” Fei Yuhan nodded.

“Right, there’s one more thing I need your assistance to relay as well.” Roland stopped for her. “The new Project Gateway is in its last phase, I will be gone for a period of time and will have to leave everything here to all of you.”

“You’re not thinking of shirking responsibility and going to enjoy being a God, right?” The celebrated martial artist sized him up with suspicion in her eyes.

“What’re you talking about!” Roland coughed twice. “My help and use will be extremely limited in the next step, I have already opened up the regulated technology knowledge base to both worlds, but it will depend on you guys to research on how to use magic power.”

This was not a lie.

Although the central system had a backup, it was only the Custodian that was affected and influenced by magic power. After all, magic power only interacted with consciousness and the inactivated back up was obviously just an ordinary machine. This resulted in Roland being unable to awaken his use of magic power like the Custodian, and what he was able to use at the moment was what he had grasped—even with this revelation, it was enough for him to spend close to a thousand years to learn.

“I will leave it to the intelligent people to research on that.” Fei Yuhan patted his shoulders magnanimously. “But I believe that there will be outstanding people that will rise from both worlds, just like how we had worked together to face God.”

With that, she waved her hands and turned to head towards the Defender’s office.

She’s just telling me that there isn’t a need to be as lonely as the Custodian.

So she actually knows how to encourage people.

Roland chuckled and shook his head as he reached for his sleeves and took out a small recorder.

Just overly inquisitive.

He walked out of the sanatorium and there were people bustling about outside. After assuming control over the Cradle, he took a long time to reinstate the workings of the Realm of Mind. As a result, to the entire Dream World, all the destruction and chaos caused by the Corrosion were left behind, leaving the Association with many things to do.

The facts were not something everyone knew—the abrupt stop to the flow of time in the Dream World prevented the people from keeping any memories, much less recognizing who Roland was. Although people still stopped to greet him, it was only because of the emblem at his chest that indicated him as being at the highest level of the Association. This was quite a strange feeling for Roland.

Amongst the crowd, Roland caught sight of a familiar figure.

Nightmare Lord Valkries.

“I’m here to say goodbye.” She walked over to him.

“You plan to head back as well?”

“Head back?” She shrugged. “No, I’m staying here.”

Roland was startled. “Wait, what’re you going to do about your race?”

“With Sky Lord and Silent Disaster watching over them and the remaining senior lords, I’m not worried about anyone else attempting to cause trouble to them,” Valkries replied nonchalantly. “And my existence in the Dream World is the most beneficial method for the race. My body will be connected to the Mother of Soul and become the new King. But compared to the previous King, it will no longer have a standalone consciousness, but a consciousness shared by everyone.”

“Serakkas agreed to that?” Roland recalled that Silent Disaster followed Anna and Nightingale down into the Bottomless Land despite the possibility of exhausting her Red Mist.

“It’s not a permanent separation. And Hackzord gained his own territory. If the signal installation test is successful, he can enter the Dream World as and when he wants to.”

“Fine.” Roland raised an eyebrow. “Then why are you saying goodbye?”

“Because I’m not the one leaving, but you.” Valkries spoke somewhat wistfully. “If I’m not wrong, you’re already planning to go into reclusion, right? Since magic power is related to the consciousness, obviously only by having more wills collide will there be a higher possibility of creating a diversification of outcomes, but that also means that the existence of ‘God’ needs to be kept at a minimum. From your choice of allowing both worlds to interact, I can tell that you have made the decision. If I do not come to bade farewell now, it’ll be difficult for me to find an opportunity in the future.”

She paused for a moment, then became serious. “When ordinary people obtain great power, they will not be able to resist the their egos; yet, you are able to prioritize the future of the world first. I have to admit, your thoughts far transcends that of any human being and even I find myself inferior to you. You are definitely the most suitable candidate to become the Custodian.”

For the first time, Valkries lowered her head slightly and bowed at him.

In that moment, Roland was stumped for words. Although he had considered what the other party had mentioned before, there was another more important reason for why he did what he did—it was completely unrelated to the future of the world, and a much simpler one at that.

But evidently, it was not right for him to say it out at this time.

In the end, he feigned a calm expression, nodded his head and walked ahead, brushing past Valkries and leaving his gradually distant back view to her.

When he was alone, Roland’s mind stirred and in the next second, he appeared thousands of kilometers away.

Ahead of him was a majestic and elegant ravine far from the cities and clamor. The gentle and clear wind blew against the willow trees and left shallow ripples on the limpid lake surface.

At the peak of the ravine sat a graceful manor.

He walked past the courtyard and garden, arrived at the door and knocked gently.

Footsteps could be heard from within.

Roland’s reason was simple. Indeed, the future required meticulous, careful planning with an all-out effort. But with all the time to himself, delaying and starting his work later would not create too much of an influence.

After busying himself for the longest time, he had finally found a reason to take a break.

The door opened to have Nightingale behind it.

Her brilliant smile and gold hair shone into Roland’s eyes.

Seated on the sofa in the living room, Anna nodded at him gently.

“Welcome home,” she greeted gently.

“I’m back.” Roland smiled as he walked into the house.

The path before him extended forward. Regardless of what future awaited them, it was a brand new page.


The End


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