Sins Paradise: Domination System - Chapter 413: Bait Plan

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The event was running smoothly even without me. But it would be bad if I didn't show myself occasionally, so I decided to walk around with Beatrice this time.

When the citizens saw me, they waved their hands and greeted me excitedly, especially the ladies and the girls. Some of them thanked me for this opportunity, as they heard from Cameron that I was the one who proposed to hold this charity event.

They totally ignored Beatrice, who walked beside me. She didn't appear to say anything and didn't look suspicious besides the cat tail moving underneath her skirt, a big vibrator in her pussy, and tail plug in her ass.

Yes, she looked normal.

Beatrice suddenly spoke after we walked through the crowd and arrived at the area filled with stalls and fewer people.

"Master, I actually have a question."

"What is it?" I raised my head to glance at her.

"It's about the assassin that targeted Eve before. Do you have any clue about the mastermind? If possible, I want to get more of Eve's trust by giving her more information about it. She seems to be worried that the mastermind is still out there."

"I do have a clue." I nodded softly as I turned to one of the stalls. The breakfast earlier wasn't filling at all, and I was still quite hungry.

So I ordered three skewers from the man and just gave him 15 Golds when he gave me the skewers. Of course, the actual price was 2 Golds or 3 Golds each, but I doubted he would get my money if I asked the price.

Walking away from the stall, I gave Beatrice one skewer and continued as she looked confused, "I managed to catch the monster that spread the curse. And here, take the skewer."

"Thank you, Master." She thanked me with a smile and bit into the skewer. Even the way she ate looked sexy and could charm men easily if she didn't put up <Illusion Magic>. "This is delicious."

"It is," I answered her with a nod. "And about the mastermind, I take my time before tracing him. I am waiting for the shadow squad to report to me about missing people around Steelwill viscounty."

"Is there any reason to?" Beatrice asked as her tongue traced against her lips, taking in the spice that was left on it. Her eyes still had those heart-shaped pupils, a sign that she was still aroused and got pleasured by the vibrator inside her pussy.

Some people glanced at us and flustered, affected by the almost invisible pink mist released from Beatrice's evaporating love juices. The plan was working properly.

Also… We entered the crowd again as we walked back to the church. It was enough for now. I just needed to walk around again before evening with the primordial Succubus to further spread the mist.

"My reason is simple," I said seriously, glancing around for a little before continuing in a low voice. "Remember the Hell encroachment I told you about before?"

"Of course. That's something important that makes Eve further trust me. That's also what made her more worried; she would probably ask you about it later. I told her you probably know more about it because of your position, Master."

"I am okay with that. I can use this to make her depend on me more."

It was actually perfect. By far, only I could solve this Hell's Encroachment Event in this world, and I had more information about it than anyone in the world, probably save for the Elves elder and the Goddess. The former had a <Clairvoyance> cheat, while the latter was omniscient.

"Anyway, it's related to the encroachment. While I have the general location where it will appear, there will be some smaller entrances that I will miss. This monster that spread the curse came from Hell, and whoever the mastermind is probably found it exiting through the smaller entrance.

"Monsters from Hell are interested in humans. There was an item, a cursed eyeball, that was given to me by the shadow squad before. I assumed that item was previously a human that was cursed. Let's call it the source of the curse."

What was scary about monsters from Hell was that they would drag down the humans instead of killing them, as they knew that humans could revive infinitely before they finally broke down.

Unlike other monsters, once we killed a monster from Hell, they wouldn't respond as each of them was unique.

"There will be missing people soon once the mastermind realizes the monster it controlled, [Purple Eye], didn't achieve any result. He will surely plan to use those missing people as bait for another Hell monster from that Hell entrance.

"I will trace him at that time and seal the entrance for eternity. That way, no monster from Hell will crawl out of it again."

That was the best option I had before the main entrance opened. I also needed to meet the Sin Kingdom's Queen and finish my Quest if I wanted to stop this encroachment of Hell forever.

- Prevent Monsters from Hell from Destroying Sins Paradise!

Quest Description: Oh no, the Sin Kingdom is about to get attacked! Hell has shown its appearance and tried to enter the world through the borders.

As a Paladin, you must stop the monsters and prevent a tragedy! This tragedy is related to Sins Paradise's 'Hell Encroachment Event.'

Stop the monsters and get your extra reward! If you fail, Hell will manifest in the wasteland between the two Kingdoms faster than scheduled!

Deadline: 2 Months

Reward: 250 Sins + 250 Virtues

Roughly two weeks had passed since I got the quest. From the description, I could guess the key to stop it from fully manifesting to the world was in the Sin Kingdom.

'There is a boss-level monster from Hell. It's so troublesome.'

I would soon depart to the Sin Kingdom. The Queen's Coronation and the following event would surely be held for a week. After that would be the usual morning prayer as the start of the next month was nearing and summer officially arrived.

And my official engagement party would follow suit three days after that.

Everything went just as scheduled.

"Hmm, I understand." Beatrice nodded, "So we just need to wait until he makes a move? How soon do you think it will be?"

"He will surely move tomorrow," I said with a smile.

We arrived at the entrance of the church and were greeted by the other nuns and knights as we walked inside.

Beatrice understood my words without me needing to explain them. She stopped at the entrance and looked back at the crowd.

"I see. So that's the reason why you held this charity event."

"Indeed." I nodded at her and crossed my arms, "Healing the people inflicted by the curse is the easy part. Under the guise of celebrating my engagement with Tris and Eli, I held this charity event to inform and make the mastermind panic."

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, I just told him I know what he planned and can easily heal a curse. But on a large scale. Also…"

I raised my head and looked at the naked Goddess statue.

"As a Paladin, I guess I also want people to worship the Goddess more. They will be thankful for the church with this simple event and banquet."

"Fufufu." Beatrice giggled behind me and hugged me from behind, crushing her large breasts against my back. They felt soft and bouncy.

"You're so sly, Master. I was really foolish trying to control you back then. And that Princess was also foolish, but she made a bigger mistake for not giving up. Aah~ If only she's not obsessed with the King, won't she live in peace and happiness serving you?

"Queen and Princess in your embrace… You will be the real ruler of the world. Isn't that your goal, Master?"

"Not really," I replied and turned around, gripping her ass as I pulled her closer.

No one was inside the church at this moment in time as they were busy dealing with the crowd. This primordial Succubus of mine was just too horny, and her love juices dripped down her thighs like a broken faucet.

If I let her go without satisfying her desire, the civilians would just create an orgy instead of a simple excitement.

"My goal is to live peacefully. Ruling over the world isn't peaceful at all, and that's far from my goal." I said, picking her up.

Beatrice squealed playfully as the vibrator fell due to the massive amount of love juice dripping out of her pussy. I was able to catch it with my foot and put it in my inventory.

"Fufufu, do you want to eat me now, Master?" She giggled playfully, playing with her own breast while her other hand circled around my neck.

"What do you think?" I asked her with a flat tone as I walked into the Church interior.

"Fufufu. We can do it here if you want to. I can use my <Illusion Magic> to hide the surrounding area."

"There is no need to bother with that," I said.

We arrived in the private room Cameron showed, and I entered without knocking. There were two soft couches here, and I threw Beatrice on one of the couches. She moaned playfully, putting up a sexy pose with her legs spread.

"Eat me out, Master~" She begged in a sultry voice. The cat plug tail moved around, following her hip movement as she seduced me. "Your kitty Succubus is ready to have your big, hard cock inside her tight and drenched pussy."

"I will," I answered, locked the door behind me, and approached her. "We will have fun until the Queen arrives."

"Fufufu, thank you for the reward~"

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