The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess - Chapter 593: Heavenly King Dantalion

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The space above heaven trembled fiercely. Spatial distortion took place creating spatial storms.

The sky was set ablaze by a lightning shower following which, darkness erupted all around covering the whole space.

The darkness covering the sky moved down but it was blocked by a golden barrier.

A strong gust of wind blew all around due to the heavy coercion.


"Is this the might of Goddesses Of Heaven?"

"Stop hiding and come out here?"

A figure flickered in the sky.

A man with two black wings behind his back appeared with a wide grin on his face. A look of indifference flashed over his retina.

"Who are you?"

A sharp voice echoed. Rolling his pupil, he saw a woman wearing golden armour staring at him with a piercing gaze.

"Seeing the majestic valour from you, it seems you are the Goddess of War. You are worthy to know my name."

"I am Dantalion, one of the Four Heavenly Kings under My Liege God Of Darkness."

His words reverberated in the sky emitting a crackling sound.

The other four Goddesses appeared beside the Goddess Of War. A large frown appeared on their face.

"He is at the peak of the Elder God Stage. His power seems to be equivalent to us."Goddess Rebecca muttered.

"It's troublesome. Even if he is stronger than us we can defeat him but the aftermath is going to be devastating. We need someone like Alex who can kill with a punch without creating a mess. By the way, where is he?"Goddess Of Fortune muttered.

"Knowing him, I am sure he is around somewhere and watching the scene while waiting for a chance for a heroic entry."Goddess Of Wisdom spoke with a smile.

Though the situation was tense, they weren't worried about the situation.

Seeing their easygoing expression, Dantalion frowned.

Raising his hand, he swung his fist towards heaven.

The Goddess of War stepped forward and punched in the air.

The space before her shattered and with a fierce momentum that jolted the heaven, a mass of pressure struck against another.

A huge bubble was formed in the space that burst out tearing apart the space.

A scratching sound bellowed across the sky.

Goddess Rebecca waved her hand to mend the crack and staring at Dantalion with a cold gaze, she spoke with a sneer"Did you come here to die?"

Irked, Dantalion shouted, "Do you think you are capable?"

"Why don't we try if we are capable or not?"The Goddess of War unsheathed her sword. A burst of the golden sword ku emerges from her sword.

"If we fight, you will surely lose. It's just that My Liege ordered me not to fight."

It was then his body grew apart and a huge blurry manifestation expanded and covered the world creating a situation of shock of panic.

The people of the Light realm not knowing what happened were terrorised by the sudden appearance.

"People of Light Realm. Heed my words carefully. I Dantalion, one of the four Heavenly Kings have come under the order of God Of Darkness to beat the drums of forthcoming war.''

"Three Years from now, The God Of Darkness with his heavenly Army will descend and punish you all who dare to neglect his presence. The only way for you to survive is to accept his existence and worship. In doing so he will forgive you for all the sins you have committed in the past."

"What kind of hypocrisy is this? Isn't this shameless bastard spouting too much bullshit?"Hestia murmured faintly.

"Yeah, you are right. He is more of a hypocrite than the Goddesses like you."Kevin replied rubbing his chin.

"You...What did you say?"Hestia glared at Kevin who shut his mouth

Calming herself, she asked, "Should we make a move?"

"Nah, leave it to him. He is enjoying the show there."Kevin just shrugged his shoulders.

"Why is he so naughty?"Hestia massaged her forehead.

'He had inherited too many genes of yours.'Kevin murmured inwardly.

Outside, the Goddess Of War stared at the manifestation and said, "Since you have done what you need to do, just leave."

"Hmm! You all better be prepared. When the time comes, I hope you all can at least put up some fight instead of cowering away in fear."

Snorting at them, he shoots like a blinding star and left.

As he darted across the blank void, a cruel smile formed on his face. When he was there, he made sure to note the number of Gods and angels working in Heaven.

"You don't even have 10% of our whole army and you dare to run amok."

"Hahaha! Your face would be worthwhile to watch."

"Hey, son of bitch!"


Dandelion's whole body froze in an instant. Turning around towards the source of the voice, he screamed "Who the hell was that?"

"It's ms me, your daddy"

A golden light flashed before his eyes blinding his vision following which a figure with a leisurely expression appeared.

Feeling a bad premonition in his heart, Dantalion attacked without holding back.

[Dark De Nova]


A loud explosion shook the space.

Dantalion who observed the explosion in the void felt a shiver down the spine coming from behind.

"Did you think you can come and go as you please? Is this your daddy's backyard?"


Dantalion slashed his hand.

The space behind him was torn and a huge cut appeared in the space.

"Where the hell are you?"

"Stop hiding?''

"Okay, here I come?"


Before he could react, a burst of light hit his face sending him crashing in the air.

Dantalian's body was hit in the air

Alex hit again, sending him flying around like a rag doll.

Alex then appeared and held his head.

"Dantalion, you said you are one of the Heavenly Kings then you would surely have some insider information. The God Of Darkness is too kind to give this opportunity."Alex spoke with a grin.

Dantalian's whole body froze. He tries to resist Alex's intervention but his mental barrier was broken easily.


"Let's see what information you have?"

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